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Belgium is a small country and that is definitely an advantage. Indeed, there are loads of things to do outside of Brussels and because of the size of the country, they don’t result in requiring much time to reach them. Here’s a selected list of adventures to embark on across the flat country.


Walibi is a Belgian theme park located between the three municipalities of Wavre, Limal and Bierges (hence the name, ‘Wa’ for Wavre, ‘Li’ for Limal and ‘Bi’ for Bierges). The mascot of the amusement park is a kangaroo. Walibi is the ideal park to visit with friends, the park has attractions for everyone with quite a few thrilling ones. Take a seat in one of the sensational attractions of Walibi and face the high speeds or dizzying heights. Put your hands high in the air and feel the adrenaline.

You can go there by car but also by train as there is a train station leading directly to the park. The SNCB offers a combined ticket with train ticket and entry to the park, it comes with a discount!


Hallerbos is a forest located in the municipality of Hal. This forest makes for an ideal day surrounded by nature. What makes this forest very peculiar is that every year, from mid-April, it gets covered in a bluebell carpet which earned it the title of “enchanted forest”. Every year, thousands of wild bluebells attract photographers and strollers. The forest really offers a breathtaking landscape. It is preferable to come visit the forest on weekdays as it is quieter and therefore even more impressive. In the morning, you will also get to enjoy the birds singing soundtrack.

You can go there by car but there is also a shuttle bus in the Hal train station, it is organized by the municipality and it takes visitors directly to the woods.

Grottes de Han

The Domain of the Caves of Han is a touristic complex situated in the Namur province in the municipality of Han-sur-Lesse. The domain consists of five attractions, which makes for a perfect day trip. There is the Cave of Han, a Wildlife Park, a Speleology Journey, a Farm and the Cave of Lorette-Rochefort. First you could enjoy visiting the Cave of Han, they have been open to the public for more than two centuries. Visitors enter the cave with a century-old tramway and you will be offered a 2-hour guided tour.

After that, you could go on a safari in the Wildlife Park, there are many plants and flowers but also boars, wolves, Przewalski’s horses, wildcats, roe deer, lynxes, brown bears and many many more species.

To wrap it up, you could go relax in the Farm where there is a cafeteria and a restaurant. Enjoy a meal and the run with sheep, goats and donkeys.

You can reach this domain by car of course, but also by train via the Rochefort-Jemelle train station.

Descente de la Lesse

The Lesse is an Ardennes river and it’s possible to go down the river in kayak or canoe. The trip is 21 km long. It starts in the municipality of Houyet or Gendron. On sunny days, it makes for a perfect sport day trip and at the same a perfect day to enjoy the landscape and the nature of this part of Belgium.

Both Houyet and Gendron are accessible by train. There is a TEC shuttle in both train stations that take you directly at the start of the adventure.

Bruges old town

Bruges perfectly epitomizes the city that was able to keep its urbanistic architectural history with its authentic evolution throughout the centuries. The originally gothic buildings are an integral part of the city’s identity. The city is marked in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The old town witnesses a continuity on an urban site that has been alive since the beginning of the Middle Ages. It kept its original streets, squares and canals. It is then unsurprising to see that the city developed a sustainable cultural tourism of great value.

Take the train and visit this wondrous place, you will not feel the same after this trip.

Antwerp Zoo

Antwerp Zoo is located in Antwerp right along the Central Station of the city. The park is 170 years old. It is one of the oldest and most famous zoos in Europe. They have penguins, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses and many more. The zoo counts more than 950 species.

You can access the park by car or by taking the train until the Antwerp main train station.

Le musée du Jouet à Maline

The Toy Museum of Mechelen possesses one of the biggest collections of games and toys in all of Europe. Those are ancient or contemporary objects from all over the world. This is a museum where you can play and have fun too, this is the ideal destination on a rainy day in Belgium. Across three floors, you can walk about quietly until you reach the playroom, which is the highlight of the visit.

You can get there by car or take the train to the Mechelen-Nekkerspoel station, it is only minutes away by foot from there.

Château des comtes de Flandre à Gand

There are many castles in Belgium, most of which are privately owned. Fortunately, some of them can be visited. So why not visit a castle during your stay in Belgium. The Castle of the Counts in Ghent is one of the most famous in Belgium and it is commonly known under the Flemish denomination “Gravensteen”. You can climb up to the top of the dungeons and admire an amazing view of the city of Ghent and feel the wealth and power that the counts must have felt in this magnificent fortress.

Get to Ghent by car or by train, very easy!

Randonnée découverte pieds nus

Going on a hike barefoot, never thought of it? Well, experience the ultimate sensation of freedom in the Hoge Kempen National Park in the Limburg province, the entrance of the park is called Lieteberg. It is so pleasurable to solicit all your senses to appreciate the surroundings. You will be strolling on different types of grounds – wood, stone, lawn, clay and even water – on a 3-kilometer path. There are also rest areas all over the way where you can just stop to sit and enjoy a picnic or just to admire the landscape’s beauty.

Go by car, or take a train for Zutendaal, and here you go.

Maasmechelen shopping

If you want to have a shopping day with discount prices, go to the Maasmechelen Village at the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. They have lots of big brands outlets where you can shop. They also have some great places to relax, drink a coffee or eat. They even have an Ellis Gourmet in there, so sit and ask for a wonderful hamburger.

It is super easy to go there from Brussels, for only 5 € there is a shuttle bus that will get you there in an hour!

Ostend/Blankenberg/Knokke beach

Yes, Belgium has the advantages of having multiple beaches on its northern coast. Ostend is the capital of the Western Flanders, so it is the main coastal city of the region and you can enjoy it to the maximum. In Blankenberg, restaurants are less expensive, so after the beach, you can enjoy some cheap mussels and fries. If you want a posher experience, then go to Knokke, they have lots of luxury shops and big brands fashion stores. So if you’re into discovering the smell of the North Sea marine air, let yourself enjoy the coastal Belgium for a day. And who knows, if it’s a warm day, you might want to take a swim.

The coast is 2 hours away from Brussels by train, so the best option would be to take the train, but it’s also possible to get there by car of course.

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