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  14. Brussels in 3 days – What to see in Brussels in 3 days

Planning on going for a weekend to Brussels? Well, here’s a narrowed-down guide to all the recommendations listed in this article.

Day 1


You’ve just arrived in Brussels, so after having a good breakfast, begin your journey in the old town. You should start visiting Brussels from the Mont des Arts, look at the beautiful view it offers, you can see the whole city from there and prepare yourself for the superb weekend you’re going to be able to enjoy. From there, walk to the Grand-Place, admire the beauty of the square, walk a little bit further to take a picture of the Manneken-Pis. Walk around and discover the peculiar places of Brussels. It’s past noon and you might have built up a hunger here, so stop at Fin de Siècle to enjoy your first 100% Belgian meal.


You may want to enrich your brain by going to the Musée Magritte to take a look at the super famous surrealist paintings of René Magritte. After this enriching visit, go nearby to admire the Royal Palace and take a walk in the Royal Park. You’re now entering the evening period and could go eat an all-you-can-eat dinner at Amadeo with an infinite serving of ribs.


Finish your first day in the city center of Brussels by going to the “Impasse de la Fidélité” to take a look at the Jeanneke-Pis. In the same street, you stop and have one of the many beers offered at Délirium Café.

Day 2


Prepare yourself for a public transport day. From the city center, enter a metro station and get yourself till Saint-Guidon to visit the Erasmus House and its gardens. You can walk around and admire the “village within the city” Anderlecht. Now you must be hungry, so have lunch at the utmost typical Belgian restaurant Friture René, they serve you with a bottomless pot of Belgian fries.


From Friture René, take the bus 49 to the Basilica of Koekelberg. Enter that wondrous church and take pictures, if you’re lucky, maybe a mass will be given at that time. From there, take the tramway 19 till Heysel to visit the Atomium, it is a must-see, you won’t be disappointed.

Go back to the center to have dinner at Vismet and taste the famous Belgian shrimp croquettes or if you’re more into trying cosmopolitan Brussels, you can go to Bab Al Hara to enjoy a copious and cheap Syrian meal.


After this wearying day of exploration, you may want to relax this time. I propose you head to Archiduc to have a Belgian beer or good cocktail and enjoy a purely Belgian jazz concert.

Day 3


Is it time for a shopping morning? Take the bus 71 in the city center to Porte de Namur and stroll around the Chaussée d’Ixelles with all its shops. Then visit the incredible African neighborhood of Brussels, Matongé. Stop at Cap Africa and have a typical Congolese lunch.


After getting your belly full, take the bus 71 again till the the Place du Luxembourg and visit the European District, that’s where you can discover its illustrious institutions.

Again, get in the bus 71 and go to the Place Flagey, stroll around the Ponds of Ixelles, then you can go have drink at Belga’s terrace. After that, you can take away a delicious cone of Belgian fries in Frit’Flagey with its great selection of sauces and why not a fricadelle too? Make it your dinner.


It’s time to wrap up your Brussels 3-day trip, so hop on the bus 71 for the last time and go to the Cimetière d’Ixelles, you can have a typical Pékèt at the Gauguin café and enjoy the typically wooden Belgian bar.

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