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Accommodation for students in Brussels - top tips and advice

If you have set your mind to be one of the lucky ones to come study in Brussels, then the first thing that will preoccupy you is finding accommodation. Apartments are commonly known in Brussels by the Belgian word “kot” and you must know that the biggest part of your budget in Brussels will probably be the payment of your rent. As a Brussels student, two options are available to you. You can check your university or school to see if they have accommodations offers, usually they do, whether they are individual or shared rooms or studio flats. Those end up being slightly less expensive, monthly rents ranging from 200 € to 600 €.

The second option is simply finding a private property and there are loads of them, so be sure to visit your room before moving in to make sure you’re ready to spend several months there. However, rental costs can vastly vary; from 350 € to 800 €. You can look for a private “kot” with your own means but be sure to ask your university if they have private partners that have rooms offers as the ULB, for example, centralizes many offers in the same board. Lastly, the best way to enjoy student life is to share a “kot” with other flat mates, you will divide the costs and make new friends!

Another option might be student residences, they are very present in the student areas where major universities and schools are located, i.e. the commune of Ixelles. The prices range from 450 € to 550 €, be sure to be made aware of possibly non-included domestic costs like the internet, electricity and water. They usually offer a room with a private bathroom and kitchenette.

As a personal advice, I would definitely recommend you not to forget to check on Erasmusu to see their availability of accommodations. Finally, as an approximation, 3-bedroom “kots” in Brussels averagely cost € 1,193.

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