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The places I traveled to while on my Erasmu (excluding my euro-trip)

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  • Air India: Travel Cheaply and Well

    Introduction This piece is going to be very useful for those that want to travel to Australia for a semester’s exchange. I have done my fair share of travelling between. Many may wonder which airlines to take. It's quite a bit of travelling to get from Europe (for...

    0 by Michael, in General 3 years ago
  • Sciences Po: Reims (Part 1)

    Introduction Today, I will be talking about one of the most prestigious universities in the world for politics. Sciences Po university. I will specifically talk about how to get to the city and in which campus I had been staying. In further stages I shall focus on the...

    0 by Michael, in Erasmus blog Reims 3 years ago
  • Noodles and Vegetables

    Getting the ingredients together Here’s another option that is quite cheap and healthy to make. When you’re travelling on a semester exchange it’s a bit difficult to stay healthy and in shape. Since you are outside your usual routine often you will have people not...

    0 by Michael, in Erasmus recipes 3 years ago
  • Three Cheese Gnocchi

    Introduction One thing I have quickly learned in my university experience is that for some it's an experience where you rarely cook and eat the cheapest of the cheap and for others it's a great time to experiment with cooking. I was not keen to learn off recipes but...

    0 by Michael, in Erasmus recipes 3 years ago
  • Green Curry Indian Food

    Introduction: One thing I have learnt from spending my time in Australia is that they serve some quite amazing Indian food. It might feel strange hearing this. How could a ‘western’ cuisine oriented country make such good curry. The answer comes to its neighbours...

    0 by Michael, in Erasmus recipes 3 years ago
  • Belgian: Brussels, Brugge and Beer

    During your exchange you will have many opportunities to travel regionally. This is especially true if you are staying in Europe as there are many countries nearby each other. In my case, I had been doing a student exchange in France in a small city called Reims next to...

    0 by Michael, in Erasmus blog Belgium 3 years ago

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