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The "Parque Infante D. Pedro" (Park the Infant King Peter)

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"Parque da Macaca" (The Monkey Park)

Translated by Hannah Mactear — 3 years ago

Original text by Inês Melo

Aveiro is considered a green city. It has many green spaces

The “Parque Infante Dom Pedro”, better known as “Parque da Macaca”, (Monkey Park) is one of these green spaces.

Parque da Macaca

According to some sources, it was commissioned by the Franciscan friars in 1862 and belonged to the Santo António Convent.

Parque da Macaca

It's a great place to have a picnic. There are stone tables just for that or there is also grass for those who are more traditional.

Recently a bridge was built (a bridge that connects the park to another park, the “Parque do Drinks”).

Parque da Macaca

The bridge is big (bigger than you can see in the picture) and you can walk a little and see the views.

A great place to take some photos too!

It’s a very bio-diverse park with both Flora and Fauna.

Parque da Macaca

There are even houses made just for ducks.

Usually it’s very popular because it’s big enough for activities, it’s incredibly beautiful, and extremely calm.

In addition to the plants and ducks, there is also equipment designed specifically for physical exercise. These are free and have no time limit. Just get there and.. do it!

Parque da Macaca

Curiosity: It's called Parque da Macaca (Monkey Park) because a long time ago there used to be a cage with a monkey inside.

Parque da Macaca

Above these stairs the park continues. There is a small lake and an iron gazebo, still used today by bands and for other events.

It also has a café and a kiosk that sells “tripes de Aveiro” (tripe)

Warning: it does not have public bathrooms so be prepared.

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