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Centro histórico

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Portuguese Venice

Published by flag-br Ethel Rudnitzki — 5 years ago

Venice, in Italy, is known by it's rivers and romantic boat rides. Aveiro is city in Portugal known as portuguese Venice because it has both of this qualities. Surrounded by rivers and sea, the city has a lot of waterways that you can visit by boat or by the many bridges.


Unlike Venice, Aveiro is not such an old city, being known for its Art Nouveau buildings and it's colorfulness. All the boats around town are painted in very playful colours and figures, and the buildings are also very colourful. It's a very happy town.


What to eat

It's also a place to eat very well! Aveiro has some typical dishes such as the sweet Ovos Moles de Aveiro (or Aveiro's soft eggs), that are much more delicious than it sounds. 


When to go

The city is welcoming and cute the whole year, but during the winter it can be quite cold and rainy, so it is better to go from April to October, when it's sunny. 


What to visit

Besides walking in the city center, there are some nice museums and places to visit in the city. The Art Nouveau museum, the University of Aveiro and the Aveiro's Museum (where Santa Joana is burried) are the most famous of them, but there are also some beautiful churches, such as the city's cathedral. 


If you like going to the beach, Costa Nova beach is also a really nice place to go. Just a bus away from the city center you'll be there!

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