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Museu de Aveiro

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Historic place

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Over five hundred years ago there used to be a Nunnery in Aveiro, called Mosteiro de Jesus, where women would be confined to pray and live a life devoted to Jesus and God. Nowadays this place is a museum, the most famous one in town

Historic place

It is an important place due to its history. In the 15th century Santa Joana, a portugal princess who became a saint, lived there. She was different from the other royalties because she refused to get married and prefered to live in the nunnery. She lived her whole life there, dying of disease. Later on she became Aveiro's patroness and was beatified by the pope. 

The museum keeps Santa Joana's tomb and other art pieces related to her history. It's a nice place to know about portuguese art and history.

Historic place

Inside the museum you can visit the cloister where the nuns used to live as well as the chapel, almost completely made of gold. Really impressive

Historic place

Historic place

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