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Cabo da Roca

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Beautiful Sunsets

Published by flag-us Aimee Haley — 4 years ago


Cabo da Roca is awesome! You cannot miss this place when visiting Sintra! Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point in mainland Europe. The views of the water are spectacular. A lighthouse is perched above a cliff standing about 459 ft (140 m) high and makes for a very nice picture.


All you need to do to get there is to take bus 403 from Sintra. I thought it would be a short bus ride from Sintra to this point, but it took about an hour. I was so lucky to catch a beautiful sunset outside of tourist season. There were very few people there when I visited.


Just be careful when you choose to take the bus because you might be hanging out at Cabo da Roca for awhile, and there's not much else to do there than listen to the waves. I purposefully took the bus at the time I did because I wanted to make sure to catch the sunset. But I ended up hanging around for about an hour and a half waiting for the next bus. There is a tourist shop there, but there's only so long you can spend checking out the knick-knacks.

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