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Walkway across the River Paiva

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Walk along the River Paiva

Translated by Hannah Mactear — 3 years ago

Original text by Inês Melo

After lots of adventures full of adrenaline and emotion, I decided to opt for a more relaxing chapter for my next experience.

I wanted to do something more linked to nature and which would give me time to just enjoy the countryside.

Walk along the River Paiva

My boyfriend recommended quite a recent place which I had never visited. This trip let me appreciate the landscape around the River Paiva while I had a little stroll. In other words, he recommended a visit to the "Passadiços do Paiva" (Walkways of the Paiva).

Walk along the River Paiva

So, my destination became Arouca, where there's one of the two possible entrances to the Walkway.

Arouca is a municipal situated in the North of Portugal, belonging to the Aveiro district. From what I saw, this region is linked to gastronomy and is very proud of its history, and it has a Geopark, which I couldn't visit because I didn't have enough time.

Walk along the River Paiva

Arriving in Arouca, we progressed to Espiuna, a little village where there is one of the possible entrances to the Walkways (the other is in Areinho).

I would highly recommend this place for those who want a different experience, and who want to refresh their body and mind.

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