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Athens in 3 days- What to see in Athens in 3 days

  1. Before arriving in Athens
  2. How to get to Athens - Getting to Athens by train, plane, car, ship or bus
  3. Public Transport in Athens - Getting around Athens
  4. Cost of Living in Athens
  5. Save money in Athens - Tips for living in Athens on a student budget
  6. Accommodation for students in Athens - Top tips and advice
  7. Athens neighbourhoods - The most important districts of Athens
  8. Greek Cuisine - The gastronomy of Greece and traditional dishes
  9. Where to eat  in Athens - Best restaurants in Athens
  10. Athens Nightlife - Nightclubs and going out in Athens
  11. What to do in Athens
  12. Top 10 must-see attractions in Athens
  13. Top 10 Festivals in Athens
  14. Athens Beaches - The best beaches in Athens
  15. Day trips from Athens - Places to visit and excursions around Athens
  16. Athens in three days- What to see in Athens in three days

So you have 3 days in Athens-you lucky thing- and you need to gather all the pleasure this city can give you in just 72 hours. How can you achieve this? Athens is its culture, its tastes, its smell, its people…. a balanced combination of all of them. All you need is a booking in a hostel, a comfortable pair of shoes, sunglasses, devour for exploration and a good schedule!

Just leave the last one on me, you are in charge with all the rest!

Day 1 - Highlights of the city

Walk out of the hotel to have a delicious morning breakfast and strong coffee at the Estrella. Start with heavy food to boost your energy, cause today we are going to see the biggest highlights of the city ! Keep some space for a sweet Bougatsan, and get ready for a cultural trip in the Athenian antiquity.

First stop: Journey in the past - Visit the “Sacred rock of Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum

Make sure you reach the first one early enough, cause after 10.30 it gets extremely busy. Walk through the ancient structures of Parthenon and Erechtheion, watch the imposing Mousses looking towards the city and enjoy the view of the capital from the top of the hill. Then, head to the stunning Museum of Acropolis to see the protected marble pieces and the great ancient sculptures.

Second stop: Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The pedestrian street of the southern slope will lead you to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Admire the exceptional beauty and architecture of the place.

Walking back to the city- Plaka neighbourhood

Head for the well-known traditional neighborhood of Plaka, the old town of Athens, with cobbled streets and neo-classical buildings, and make a stop at Thiseion in order to have a coffee at the stone-paved street with the incredible view of the majestic Acropolis. Alternatively, if you want to live like a local and not as a tourist, go to one of the little coffee shops, or “kafeneia” as we call them in Greece and order a Greek coffee. The great architecture of the place will give you a taste of the mix of the old and the modern Athens.

Third stop: Temple of Olympian Zeus

Walk up to the remains of the largest sanctuary of Ancient Greece. Today, only a part of it remains standing, as only 11 out of the 104 columns exist. Keep in mind that it took 700 years to be built.

Lunch time

Time for the first traditional Greek taste of Souvlaki at Thanassis. Here you will taste the authentic and most mouth- watering kebap, great pastitsio and Greek salad.

Fourth stop: Psirri- Streets of Art

Then it’s time to head back towards the Psirri neighborhood. Here, you can see the old part of Athens, full of people and trendy decorations, street art with remarkable graffities in every corner and cute little craft shops, tavernas and small pubs. Take a pit stop at the Serbetospito tis Nancy to taste one of the mouth-watering home-made sweets that will fill not only your stomach, but your soul as well with a turkish sweet feeling, and then get ready for entering the flea Market of Monastiraki. Here you can find the old “giousouroum”, with a bunch of tourist shops for streetwear, souvenirs, art crafts, and even antique shops.

First night out

It’s your first day in Athens, you will be definitely tired from the walking tour by now, so I will propose something light for this night. Pay a quick visit to New York Sandwiches in order to have the best taste of burgers you could possible try and fill your belly in order to get prepared for the following drinks. Then walk up to Ag.Eirinis Square, and join all the youngsters at Tailor Made. Check out the great variety of the award-winning cocktails of the menu and enjoy the athenian cozy night atmosphere. If you still have energy to waste, you can also go to Drunk Sinatra to listen to louder music and have a second cocktail.

Day 2 - Culture

First stop - Syntagma square

Go to Syntagma square, where the Greek Constitution was granted in 1843 and watch the soldiers that are guarding the monument of the Unknown soldier, in front of the imposing neoclassical building of the Parliament. If you catch the change of the guards that takes place every hour, you will experience a really beautiful spectacle.

Second Stop - National Archaeological Museum

Now it’s a good time to visit a cultural site, the National Archaeological Museum, whicht contains an extensive collection of exhibits and will help you clear the Athen’s chronology in your mind. On your way back to the centre, you will pass the National Technical University or Politechneion which is located on Patission street, important for its historical uprising against the Greek Military Dictatorship in 1973.

Third Stop - Pedion Tou Areos

After the museum, you can take a one-hour stroll in the big flourished park of Pedion tou Areos, while enjoying the warm temperature and the sunny weather. It was built to honour the warriors of the Greek Revolution of 1821, and that is why you will find their marble stubs all around it.

Lunch time

Time for lunch at one of the nicest tavernas in Athens, To Zempereki (Solomou 92), decorated with photographs of the old Greek cinema. Here you will have great traditional local dishes, excellent meat, like liver with dill and onion in really normal rates. Accompany your meal with a good red or white wine. You will be full, but there is always space in your stomach for the loukoumades that they will bring you at the end of your lunch as a treat. And the best part is that you will be required to pay up to 15 euros per person.

Fourth stop - Panathenaic Stadium

Now that your batteries are recharged, take a walk up to the Panathenaic stadium in order to admire the place where the Olympic Games started in 1896. The glory of the place will guarantee to fill your soul with the Olympic spirit, and, while being there, you can easily conjure up images of the first athletic contests.

Fifth Stop - Zappeion Hall

Now you can walk a little further to the beautiful gardens of Zappeion, the first building in the history of the Olympics, that actually helped to the organisation of the needs of the Olympic Games. Take a look at the sculptures that are around you, and sit at the Aigli cafe to enjoy a Greek frappe. If you have the possibility, enter the building to see the remarkable columns of the great hall and see any existing exhibition.

Second night out

After a short rest, tonight it is high time you visited the centre of the entertainment, the Gazi district. Start with a filling dinner according to your tastes at Gazi College, and don’t forget to finish off with one of the delicious cakes. Then go for a drink in The Rouf Train, where you will enjoy the cozy atmosphere of an old train that is currently converted into a bar. Then, head at one of the numerous clubs to listen to famous international and Greek hits. You can freely choose between Plintirio, Socialista or the huge Lohan Nightclub.

After partying hard and drinking- responsibly- it is the perfect time to go to Kantina Mavili at the early hours, in order to have the best “Vromiko” in town!

Day 3 - Experiencing the Greek everyday rhythms

First stop - Panepistimio Sightseeing

Take a walk at the Panepistimiou street, where you will see the imposing buildings of the Athens Academy and the Old National Library. Then, visit the Klafthmonos Square, where you can sit in the Arcade in order to drink a coffee or a refreshing smoothie.

Second Stop - Shopping therapy

Starting from Klafthmonos square, take a left turn at Stadiou Street and head towards Syntagma. You can do some shopping all the way down to Syntagma and then head towards the centre of Athens.

Start with the most famous commercial street of Athens, the Ermou street, where you will see the majority of the Athenians walking up and down, doing window- shopping. If you think that your shoes are still not suitable for the situation, this is your chance to do some quick shopping. Take a look on the outside - and if possible- the inside of the Kapnikarea Church.

Take a right turn in Aiolou street, where the historical part of Athens starts. Stop at the Falafellas and join the crowd waiting in the line for the best falafel you have ever tasted.

Third Stop - Anafiotika

Time to get an original taste of a Greek island that is actually in the centre of Athens! Wander around Anafiotika, the most picturesque neighbourhood, where you can see little two-storey cute houses with colourful plants and small terraces. Walk around and take pictures, pretending to be at an authentic Greek island.

Try to find a free table on the steps of the stair of Giasemi, one of the most famous little cafes of the area, and complete the great feeling with a traditional Greek coffee.

Lunch time

There is nothing better than dedicating your last day to a lunch with the great view of the Acropolis Hill. This is why you should go to the Cave of Acropolis, an authentic taverna where the portions are more than fulfilling and the tastes are simply Greek. You can choose between a wide variety of original Greek dishes, and the price will not exceed the 18 euros per person.

Fourth Stop - Coastline time

Take the tram from Syntagma towards Faliron and get out at the Tzitzifies Station. From there, you can walk to the Stavros Niarhos Cultural Centre. Here, you can see the National Library and the new Opera House, you can walk around the wonderful Gardens, join the sports activities and admire the astonishing view of the port of Faliron and the Karaiskaki Stadium.

Continue your walk in Faliron until you reach the Floisvos Port. Here, you can take a stroll around the expensive yachts, smell the refreshing sea-breeze and visit the Averof Museum.

Last night out

After having a frozen-yogurt and, who knows- one last souvlaki, it’s time to head back to the centre for your last night out. Get out to the Monastiraki Station of the subway and get on the rooftop of the A for Athens Hotel. There, you can choose one of the excellent drinks of the menu, and enjoy it with a last beautiful view of the Monastiraki Square and the lightened Acropolis, the picture that will definitely stay on your mind during your flight back to the reality of your country.

You may leave, but part of your heart will definitely stay here....! Enjoy your stay in Athens!

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