Save money in Athens - Tips for living in Athens on a student budget

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  5. Save money in Athens - Tips for living in Athens on a student budget
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Tips for saving money

  1. Instead of making phone calls though your mobile phone, use Skype or applications through which you can make free online calls, like Whatsapp or Viber.
  2. Take a walk! No bus tour can be compared with one on foot, as you take your time to enjoy all the sights you want, see them from a short distance and organise your own schedule and personal pace. You can take a free walking tour around Athens, in order to experience it as a local, and not as a tourist. Don’t waste your money to listen to the same boring historic information you can read in every guide book. There are free tours every day and they are provided in English and Spanish, and throughout them you can listen about a mixture of myths, facts, and hidden treasures. Check out one of them on Free Walking Tour, or search for more free walking tour offers online.
  3. When you need a drink, choose to go to places that have a happy hour. There are many of them all around the city, and normally they advertise them on the outside of the place. In this way, you will benefit from a lower price, and that may mean... more drinks!
  4. Make your student university card as soon as possible. In this way you will benefit with discounts on your public transportation tickets and entrances in museums, theatres, cinemas, and plenty of other activities. Keep in mind that with your student pass you enjoy up to half price in the ticket price all the national suburban buses, trains and ships all-year long (apart from mid June till the end of August).
  5. The Universities have a bunch of free leisure activities like teams of basketball, volleyball, gym and cultural teams or movie nights where you can devote your free time without spending much money.
  6. Make sure you follow the Athens Kapa ESN page on Facebook, where you can be informed about all the activities and events organised by ESN, where you will meet a lot of other international people and attend free or low-cost events or go on low-budget trips.
  7. Avoid using taxis for your transportation and prefer using Uber, as it is much cheaper, especially after midnight. If you download the Uber app for the first time, you will benefit from one or two free rides up to 5 euros! Note: The same goes if you first download the app Beat for taxis, and you can have significant discounts from time to time. Alternatively, if you are not afraid and the route suits you, use the night buses to go home.
  8. If you need low-price groceries, don’t buy them from the supermarkets, but do a last-minute stroll at a local street farmers market, as the prices fall as the time goes by, cause they want to sell all their last products by the end of the day.
  9. If you want to cut down on the expenses on your cultural tours, you can choose to make your museum or archaeological visits on the days when there is free entrance for everyone.
  10. If you are out of data and you urgently need Internet in a public place, here are the free public wifi hotspots in Athens:
    • Syntagma Square
    • Kotzia Square
    • Metaxourgeio Square
    • Tehnopolis of the Municipality of Athens
    • Municipal Art Gallery
    • Asomaton Square

    In addition, the following metro and train stations offer free wifi:

    • Syntagma
    • Omonoia
    • Panepistimio
    • Acropolis
    • Piraeus
    • Doukissis Plakentias
    • Neratziotissa

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