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Top 10 Festivals in Athens

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Rockwave Festival: It is the biggest festival of Rock Music in Athens, with spectacular performances, and it takes place only for three days in Malakasa, a place really close to Athens. Thousands of young rock-lovers from Athens and Europe join in to watch remarkable rock performances by famous bands, like the Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden and local ones, at the sunny space of Terravibe.

Release Athens: It is one of the greatest music festivals in Athens, hosting internationally known bands, and thus being the centre of interest of young people not only from Athens, but from all over Greece as well. The ticket prices start from 35 up to more than 100 euros, depending on the time of the purchase of the ticket and the day of the festival. It is usually held in the end of May-beginning of June. You can check the program here

Athens Epidaurus Festival: It’s one of the most important festivals that take place in Athens and the ancient theatre of Epidaurus during the summer. It starts in June and it lasts till August, with unique live performances highlighting the greatness of the Greek culture. You can choose any kind of event you would like to watch depending on your preferences among theatre, ballet, jazz, classical music, opera and even ancient drama performances.

Athens Street Food Festival: There is nothing better than having a place where you can find a variety of international tastes and have the chance to try any of them. And that’s exactly what happens in the Athens Street Food festival, where all the well-known street food shops are selling updated, out-of-the-menu products that will definitely surprise your tongue! It is a great chance to have a short trip at different international gastronomic destinations, and enjoy the great atmosphere enriched by the music of the DJ sets. You can find all the useful information about the Festival here:

Burger Festival: Greeks are burger lovers, and that is obvious from the organisation of a Burger festival each and every year. Actually, this is the gathering of the best Burger Houses of Athens in only one place, the so-called Technopolis, where you can enter with 5 euros (4 for the students) and enjoy burgers that are totally new in the menu in lower prices than the ones in the actual burger spots. In the festival there are competitions between the burger lovers, and the Burger Houses as well. Check out the dates and the participants here:

Comicdom Con: It is a great festival dedicated to the world of comics. Here you can find exhibitions with works of Greek and international artists, bazaar of comics and paintings, whorkshops, presentations of new publishers, live scetch events, Greek Comics Awards, self-publishing,as well as Comics Competitions. The Festival lasts for three days, the entrance is free and you can find all the necessary information here:

Full Moon Festival: It is actually the celebration of the full moon in August, the brightest and most spectacular full moon of the year, which provokes celebrations all around Athens. For example there is free admission to many archaeological sites and museums all night long, tango shows in the streets of Athens, free concerts in various museums of the city, free walking tours and many other events.

Athens Flying Week: It is held in the beginning of September in Tatoi, one of the main air bases of Athens. It is the biggest aviation event that is open to the public for two days, where the best pilots from Greece and foreign countries make a magnificent air show. In addition, people have the chance to admire and enter the aircrafts of the show while on land.


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