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Athens Beaches - The best beaches in Athens

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If you arrive in Athens from May till October, experiencing high temperatures that will make you desperate to go to the beach for a cool dive in the sea is inevitable. Greece is a coastal country, so it will be a pity if you don’t visit one Greek beach any time of the year, during your stay in Athens, either to swim, or to just relax on the beach. You can always go by bus to the beach bars (with an admission fee that ranges from 3 euros up to 10 with your student card in order to get a sunbed) or simply the beaches on the coastal part of Athens, which is called “paraliaki” and it extends all along Glyfada up to Voula, but these places, although being always crowded with young people, are not so approved for public use as the waters are not so clean, because they are close to a crowded city. That is why I would suggest you to make a little longer ride to a more appropriate beach, that will definitely pay back all the trouble. Here you have the best beaches with free entrance close to Athens, so as for you to choose strategically:

  • Kavouri: It is a long sandy beach located close to Athens, with many trees and cool waters, where you can go within 15 minutes with the bus E22 from the Ellinikon metro station (Ticket:1.40 euros valid for 90 min). Here, you will find lot of youngsters sunbathing and playing rackets, and you can even do a beach picnic while spending a Sunday swimming.
  • Lagonisi: It is an area located a little more than 30 minutes away from the centre of Athens, that has many cute little golfs that invite you to swim. You can simply take the 122 bus from the Elliniko metro station (the ticket costs 1,40 per ride), and get off at any golf you prefer along the way. The waters are pretty clean and you have the liberty to choose between crowded beaches or not.
  • Kokkino Limanaki (Red Little Port): It is one of the cleanest and more beautiful beaches, only 36 km away from Athens. It is full of trees and sand, and you can find plenty of space to put your towels and your umbrella. It is reachable by bus, that you can take from the centre of Athens and it will not cost you more than 5 euros.
  • Erotospilia (the Cave of Love): This beach belongs to Porto Rafti as well, and it is only 50 minutes away from the centre of Athens. It is really popular among young people, as the pebble, the crystal-clear waters and the few trees create an ideal scenery for a relaxing day. As you are swimming here, you will be able to listen to international music coming from the beach bar that has very affordable prices.
  • Psatha: It may be away from Athens (70 km), but its beauty will definitely make the distance worth it. The waters are transparent and the little pebbles will massage your feet. After a long day on the beach, you can visit the local tavernas to fill your empty stomach before returning to Athens. You will need a car to come here, as there is no other way to reach it by means of transportation.
  • Zoumperi: It is an organised beach with pebbles located in Nea Makri, less than one hour away from Athens by urban bus. It is full of people in the weekends, and you can stay all day here, till late at night, as the beach bars serve cocktails too, so that you can enjoy your stay there as much as possible. The prices of the beach bar are expensive, so if you don’t want to spend too much money, make sure you will bring food and drinks.
  • Shinias: Located 60 km away from Athens, the forest of Shinias which reaches the chaotic sandy beach is one of your best options if you want to swim in a perfect location. You can come by urban bus, and the ride will take you one hour more or less. Here, you can find shops that will provide you with 5-euro-coupons for two sunbeds, one coffee and one bottle of water.
  • Loutsa: Only 30 minutes away from Athens, it may not be the clearest beach, as it is very windy, but is ideal for the wind and kitesurf lovers. You can reach it by urban bus.
  • Porto Rafti: it is located 40 km away from Athens, and you can come here by the urban bus. Avlaki beach has very clear and shallow waters, where you can enjoy your bath. There is a beach bar available with umbrellas, where you can satisfy your thirst as well as your hunger at normal prices.

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