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  • Blog

    Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria

    Helloo helloo! Here I go again to another trip that won’t take very long from Bucharest but will surely give a full day of things to try and see. We planned the trip for the beginning of March but as soon as you understand the weather in the Eastern Europe, you will...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Veliko Tarnovo, one year ago
  • Blog

    Day trip - Properly dutching in Volendaam & Zaanse Schans

    Hello, again! My first trip since I arrived in Amsterdam was organized by ISN Amsterdam (International Student Network) that booked a bus for us and planned a day trip to Volendam and Zaanse Schans. Volendaam Situated not very far from Amsterdam, our first stop was...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Netherlands, one year ago
  • Blog

    Cologne and its effortlessly cool Christmas market

    Reaching Cologne has certainly proven to be an adventure for me but I surely loved all the people I met along the way to there. You can easily reach Cologne in less than 3 hours with a FlixBus from Amsterdam, so if you are looking for an escape, this small German city...

    1 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Cologne, one year ago
  • Blog

    3 days in Berlin

    Going to Berlin seemed to be a nice idea, given that we managed to find 3 free days in January, right after the holidays when everyone else is busy with anything but travelling. As you imagine, this spared us again from long tourist lines since visiting new cities...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Berlin, one year ago
  • Blog

    Day trip to Maastricht - Christmas Market

    I am back again with another trip in the beautiful Netherlands: Maastricht! I actually don’t know how big of a coincidence we managed to create with this trip, but right when my best friend visited me for Christmas, I was lucky enough to meet with another high school...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Maastricht, one year ago
  • Blog

    5 days in Paris

    Hey again! I’m coming back to you with another trip, but this time one with a higher dose of chic in it! Straight from the capital of lovers, fine cuisine and incredible architecture! While I was in Amsterdam, going to Paris was something I have never imagined since...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Paris, one year ago
  • Blog

    22 wonders of Amsterdam

    Verwelkoming and begroeting! Here I am again writing about my first Erasmus experience at the University of Amsterdam where I have spent 5 of the most eye-opening months of my student life. Whenever I tell people I was Erasmus here, I am always struck by their amazement...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Amsterdam, one year ago
  • Blog

    Best things to do in Rotterdam in a day

    Even though Amsterdam was my home in my Erasmus, I think the article about it deserves a little bit more effort so I’ll start with the second best city of this country – Rotterdam! There has always been something special about Rotterdam. Even the name itself tells...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Rotterdam, one year ago
  • Blog

    How I save money for & during travelling

    It is true that the best things in life are for free, but I somehow grew up with the idea that traveling is for the rich because you imagine going abroad somewhere far where you will inevitably face a lot of expenses. It was and it still is a myth. Thinking about the...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus tips, one year ago
  • Blog

    Day trip to Aveiro - 9 Must do’s and see

    I started my trip to Aveiro having in mind the expectation that I would finally see the ‘Venice of Portugal’ everyone praises so much here. I have already visited Venice before so I also imagined some romantic strolls around the canals, boats mirroring in the water,...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Aveiro, one year ago
  • Blog

    Escape to Transylvania - Peleș Castle

    You know you are about to see something special if you are given plastic covers to put over your shoes. I don’t know how many locals would actually praise Bran Castle (where you actually don’t need plastic shoes so... ), but I know for sure that Peleș might...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Brasov, one year ago
  • Blog

    13 Tips if you are traveling to Bucharest, Romania

    Hello again! I decided to start writing about my traveling experiences in Romania and maybe even share the things most of the foreigners that visit my country would not really give a thought to. So, in an attempt to make your experience here more personal and practical...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus tips, one year ago
  • Blog

    Trip to Valley of Temples - Agrigento

    After my arrival in Palermo, I was lucky enough to be invited to a spontaneous trip to Agrigento the very next day. There was no time for being tired since I was too excited to be there in the first place, let alone to be able to travel with locals who already know the...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Agrigento, one year ago
  • Blog

    60 days of Palermo in a nutshell

    Even if I tried to sum up those 2 months spent in Palermo for an Erasmus Traineeship, I still could not manage to say it better than Plato: “In Sicily they build houses like they will live forever, and eat like they will die tomorrow. ” Source Last year, the summer...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Palermo, one year ago
  • Blog

    10 Must do's in Porto

    I know I have said before that I like to think about myself as the non-tourist type of traveler but I am also on the opinion that some things deserve their place on the ‘must do’ list, no matter how touristic they might be. So there you have a few things that I have...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Porto, one year ago
  • Blog

    What's so similar between Portugal and Romania

    Bucharest and Porto are the capitals of two countries situated at the very East and West of Europe. Although situated at opposite corners of the continent, Romania and Portugal are not as different in culture and local’s behavior since they are both part of the Latin...

    1 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Portugal, one year ago
  • Blog

    Weekend away in Algarve – Lagos

    The idea for this trip came long before coming here, knowing that the south of Portugal has some of the most beautiful places for surfing or for simply tanning on the beach. The long coastline sprinkled with yellow-orangey rocks can be recognised everywhere on the...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Lagos, one year ago
  • Blog

    How free walking tours changed the way I travel

    A few weeks ago I had the experience of a free walking tour with my friend while we were in Lisbon and I was impressed by her enthusiasm, repeatedly saying that many people should know about these, especially students (forever) traveling on a low budget. I remember now...

    1 by Lavinia in Erasmus tips, one year ago
  • Blog

    3 Full days of Lisbon

    With my last article I think I made my point about the delightful atmosphere of Porto (you can read about it here), but of course capitals always have something about them that transpose visitors in some sort of historical vibe because there were so many national...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Lisbon, one year ago
  • Blog

    5 reasons why charming Porto might win you over Lisbon

    ‘Best second cities’ around the world are sometimes neglected for the ever so popular grand capitals of the world when visiting a new country, but even though I know that most of the travel addicts out there might want to start their Portuguese experience in Lisbon...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus blog Porto, one year ago
  • Blog

    Finding home away from home

    Hello, world. This is me and the plot of what is soon to be yet another Erasmus experience I will most probably try to convince all my friends with that Erasmus is definitely worth at least 5 months of your (student) life! I have never been so keen on travelling and,...

    0 by Lavinia in Erasmus tips, one year ago

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