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  • The attractions of the Piatra Mare Massif

    Where to start the adventure in the Piatra Mare massif? Today’s adventure starts in Timișu De Jos, more precisely in a place called “Dâmbul Morii”, a tourist resort located near Brașov. To reach this location you can either use the train if you come from...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Hiking day in the Postăvaru Massif

    Hiking day in the Postăvaru Massif: lets shoot some photos!  My friends and I have been in many hiking trips before, but the goal of today’s excursion is to finally have a photography trip while hiking on snow in the Postăvaru Massif, so let’s hope that we...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Romania road trip: The Brasov sign's wonderful panorama

    Getting to the base of Mount Tâmpa Finally here comes the most exciting part, at least for me, of our day in Brasov. After we have walked the streets back and forward, visiting some of main tourist attractions like "The Black Church" or "The Rope String" ( of which you...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Romania road trip: Brașov's main attractions

     A good start of the day After we started the day right by having a cup of coffee or cappuccino and some good sweets in one of the best cake shop from Brașov, named Zoomserie - of which you can read in my previous article - we are getting back on the streets and...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Romania road trip: Zoomserie: espresso, cappuccino and ice cream

    A chill morning The second day of the road trip starts on a chill vibe as we are relaxing a bit, charching our batteries and getting energized over a cup of coffee and some sweets at one of the best cafe and cake shop we have been to lately named Zoomserie. Where is...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Romania road trip: Brașov Christmas market

    Brasov Christmas market and its landmarks After we get to know the wonderful accommodation where we would have to stay for one night in Brasov and, even if we just want to make ourselves comfortable here after a day full of travelling, we are still hungry for only...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Romania road trip: Brașov, the best accommodation ever

    Brașov, the best accommodation ever We leave Bran behind and start driving towards Brașov, the two places are not so far from each other, so it takes us around 40 minutes to get to the next destination. Because is getting dark outside and we are at the same time tired...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Escape to Transylvania - Peleș Castle

    You know you are about to see something special if you are given plastic covers to put over your shoes. I don’t know how many locals would actually praise Bran Castle (where you actually don’t need plastic shoes so... ), but I know for sure that Peleș might...

    0 by Lavinia, 2 years ago
  • The Context

    So here it goes: hello Internet! I'm Ioana, born and raised in the fish-like looking country called Romania (it realy does, just look at the photo), city of Brasov (yep the one with Dracula... except that he left de building -or the coffin- for the moment). Otherwhise...

    0 by ioana, 4 years ago

    Introduction  Dear readers, tramping hedgehog! I hope you are all doing well, you have a lot of adventures and you are still tramping with me. In today's post I would like to describe our first Erasmus hiking to the Mountain Tampa. I am writting in english so our...

    0 by El, 4 years ago
  • Braşov and a visit at Dracula

    Hello all! Brasov (Kronstadt in German) is my favourite city in Romania. I visited it few years ago with friends. We slept in a hostel, and enjoyed discovering the city and its surroundings together. Brasov is culturally as mixed as Cluj-Napoca, having of course...

    0 by Dóra, 5 years ago

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