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Erasmus blog Palermo

  • Sicily

    Palermo dwarfed all travels from the 2-nd semester of Erasmus experience. We choose to buy ticket flights from Milan to Sicily, and ... you should do it as soon as possible. A lot of tourists go starting mainly from the end of June to the end of August, that's known. In...

    0 by Diana, 5 months ago
  • Little mishap

    Hey there! When I told my siblings I was going to live in Palermo for a year, they were so happy for me, but also worried. Really worried! There so many stereotype and prejudices about Palermo, some of them are true and others are exaggerated, like, really...

    0 by Yoan, 5 months ago
  • Mondello Beach

    In the afternoon, we said goodbye to Monreale and went to Mondello Beach by bus. The club house looked kind of inviting, but we went to the beach first! Look at the colourful houses near the lagoon! In a bit, we would have sunset. After that, we had dinner (mostly...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Monreale Cathedral

    Around Monreale, we could see the craggy hills while in the city, palm trees were frequent. The mighty bronze gate of the cathedral shows Biblical scenes and is decorated with some round and pointy arches and one roof-like arch ... very differentiated! Inside the...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Monreale

    The next day, we saw world-famous Monreale. The cathedral was built in the years leading up to 1185, and again you can see a mixture of styles. It counts as one of the most powerful iconic buildings in sicily ... wait until you see the inside! The courtyard inside was...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Castles and Nature

    Near the sea lies Castellammare, an old castle with defensive structures; on the site, there are also remains of a mosque and a Muslim cemetery. A short glance at the port showed us the local lifestyle: Lots of boats, wherever you looked! Palazzo Chiaramonte was...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Languages and Places

    The Cappella Palatina was decorated with lots of gold in Byzantine style with Christ as the ruler over everything (pantokrator). The meeting of Latin, Greek and Arabic on this inscription is unique! After seeing the chapel, we visited some catacombs with 8,000 mummies...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Inside the Cathedral + Santa Caterina

    Approaching a gate of the cathedral, we could see the flowery motives from Arab tradition mixed with the geometric elements of European style. Inside the cathedral, we looked at the graves of Roger II., his daughter Constance of Sicily, married to Heinrich IV., and...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Palermo Archeological Museum: Wild Parties and Great Heroes

    After the sign explaining the ancient world of gods, this post will show you some actual archeological pieces such as these colourful vases. This one shows a wild party in process with a man bringing wine, a woman playing the aulos (double flute), another man drinking...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Palermo Museum: Introduction

    The entrance to the museum was like a green courtyard with palm trees and a fountain. The eagle statue on the wall represents the city and its power. Okay everybody, before my blog starts getting too heavy, let's start off with some turtles that we found in a fountain...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Palermo Outside

    The last interior motive from the churches at Palermo was this dog with a candle guiding us. And out we went into the shining blue sky! Here you can see the two churches La Martorana and San Cataldo next to each other in broad daylight. They are not really big, yet...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Palermo's Churches

    Coming from the mighty cathedral, the castles, palaces and parks of Palermo, we continued with some interesting churches. You just can't evade churches in Italy! ;) The Arab-Norman church San Cataldo from the 12th century is one of the last built in Arab-Norman style...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Palermo Monuments

    Walking through Palermo to the beach, we saw this small medieval gate; near it, the remains of a mosque and a cemetery were in the soil. A small place with these trees made us relax for a bit, and the light shining through the branches was beautiful! The city park...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Palermo Cathedral

    One of the most surprising views in the streets of Palermo were the many palm trees along the way. You can even eat the fruits when they are brown! The Arab-Norman cathedral has foundations from the 6th century and has been a mosque and a library before, but the main...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Multicultural Palermo

    After the historical introduction, let's get started with the real tour! Our first day in Palermo started out with the Norman Duke's Palace which united cubic elements with oriental ornaments. In a similar fashion, the smaller building La Cuba (a leisure residence)...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • Introduction: A Short History of Sicily

    Welcome to my new blog! Great to see you back here after following me through Greece! In order to understand the trip through Sicily, I thought it would be helpful to give you a short history of Sicily (especially Palermo) as an introduction because so much happened...

    0 by Jan, one year ago
  • 60 days of Palermo in a nutshell

    Even if I tried to sum up those 2 months spent in Palermo for an Erasmus Traineeship, I still could not manage to say it better than Plato: “In Sicily they build houses like they will live forever, and eat like they will die tomorrow. ” Source Last year, the summer...

    0 by Lavinia, one year ago
  • Discovering Palermo

    A great city to discover, with perfect people and climate for the best year abroad. If you are open and like to have fun, and you like discovering new places, then you have to go. Palermo Palmero, the capital of Sicily, is a hidden jewel, that has so much history to...

    0 by Amy, 3 years ago

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