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Palermo Museum: Introduction

Published by Jan Migenda — 2 months ago

Blog: Super Sicily
Tags: Erasmus blog Palermo, Palermo, Italy

The entrance to the museum was like a green courtyard with palm trees and a fountain. The eagle statue on the wall represents the city and its power.

Palermo Museum: IntroductionOkay everybody, before my blog starts getting too heavy, let's start off with some turtles that we found in a fountain in front of the museum. ;)

Palermo Museum: Introduction

Outside, we had seen the statue of a nymph playing the aulos (double flute) while riding on  a lion ... not the worst hobby to choose if you ask me. Do you agree?Palermo Museum: Introduction

As a small spoiler, this text below shows how much the ancient world was infested with gods; natural powers and special events were explained in myths. However, Zeus as the supreme god was seen to be the strongest.

Palermo Museum: Introduction

In my next post, we will enter the museum and see the artifacts ... stay tuned!

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