Languages and Places

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Blog: Super Sicily
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Languages and Places

The Cappella Palatina was decorated with lots of gold in Byzantine style with Christ as the ruler over everything (pantokrator).


The meeting of Latin, Greek and Arabic on this inscription is unique!

After seeing the chapel, we visited some catacombs with 8,000 mummies of monks. It was truly spooky and taking photos was forbidden ...


The building style of these historical houses - while still Arab-Norman - slightly changed with every block!


Finally, some English was present as well ... for children at least. I heard (and partly experienced during my exchange in Milano) that the level of English instruction in Italy is not so great because of the huge differences between the languages and because of a faulty approach which focuses too much on frontal lessons which are not even fully held in English, so the exposure and practice level seems too low. Build your languages before you travel, especially English will get you pretty much around the world!

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