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Erasmus blog Portugal

  • Welcome week in Lisbon

    As the Portuguese are so friendly and open towards foreigners, the city hall organised a complete welcome week for the international students. The whole week events were offered for free for the international students. Of course, you had to register beforehand for the...

    0 by Nadine, 6 days ago
  • Welcome session in Porto

    On Friday, we had an official greeting event for all the international students of the Universidade Católica in the whole country. The Universidade Católica has several universities in Lisbon, Braga, Viseu and Porto. The welcoming was done in O Portoand was for all...

    0 by Nadine, 8 days ago
  • First impressions about Lisbon

    Olá da boa Lisboa! Hello from Lisbon! I am already in Lisbon for two weeks, but never find the time to write, I am just too busy. Of course, that’s Erasmus Life! Arrival: I just wanted to tell you about my first impression about this new part of my life. At least, it...

    0 by Nadine, 8 days ago
  • How it came to my second Erasmus

    And my next time abroad. Actually, this was not planned, I just came back from Pars. So, how did this come? I will explain this spontaneous decision. I came back from my semester abroad in Paris on the 31stof January last year and was so happy to see all my friends,...

    0 by Nadine, 9 days ago
  • Portugal , a Love Affair

    Erasmus with my best friend Eventhough i was and still am currently an Erasmus student i do think that my experience in Portugal was the most interesting by far and complex , full of nice stories which forever i will remember. It starts like this... After coming home...

    0 by Madalina, 9 months ago
  • Discovering Portugal: Road trip on the Southern Coast

    Although I have already written two posts about our experiences in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto), everything started with a one-day road trip on the Southern Coast. We were on holidays in Islantilla, a coastal area in the South of Spain, very close to the Portuguese border,...

    0 by Noémi, one year ago
  • 28 reasons why you should never go to Portugal

    If you ever think about going to Portugal to spend some time, then I strongly suggest you read this article before making your decision. It's for your own good, really. 1. Portugal is rather dull-looking. Douro River, Porto. Source 2. The natural landscapes aren’t...

    29 by Nuno, one year ago
  • Information welcome

    Hi Yall Hoping some one will actually read this , who will be able to help me out hereI have traveled so much in my 24 years of life time ^^. and lived all over the place  comming to portugal is a way lot harder then any other place that i have been throughWel me and...

    0 by Fabrizia, 2 years ago

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