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A taste of Portuguese sweets

Hello dear readers comma this time around we are going to talk about something that I discovered from my trip in Portugal this past summer. The subject of the matter is food and in particular desserts. From what my Portuguese friend explain to me and also from what I understood from various sources around me this is a very typical Portuguese sweet, known for its taste and for the visually appealing aesthetics of it. For the readers who do not know the subject of the matter I'm going to spell it out right here. This sweets are known as pastel de nata and they are an absolute delight. Quite frankly they're not similar to anything that I have tasted. Believe me when I say this because I've tasted many Italian and French desserts and also other sweets from other parts of the world: actually baking sweets is one of my passions so I know a thing or two about it.

Pastel de Nata 

Pastel de nata is basically a custard tart, but I think there is more to it thus it can't be simplfied like any other custard tart. The very first I'm actually tasted pastel de nata was when a Portuguese friend of mine came back from her hometown after visiting her family. Even though the first time they weren't freshly baked pastel de nata they were equally good and tasty and so satisfying. The secret to really enjoyed them is to always sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top of them or as some other people too sugar but that's not the most clever choice healthwise. So next time you get a pastel de nata in Portugal or somewhere else in the world feel free to ask for some powdered cinnamon and sprinkle it over your pastel de nata. This will give your pastel de nata an amazing flavour and you will be so glad about it because this dessert with the cinnamon on top feels like something that came from another planet.


So as you visit Portugal, (I happened to visit Lisbon and Porto), feel free to stop by at any of the shops and caffes you will find along the streets and ask for a coffee and pastel de nata. Altogether it should be round 2 euros a reasonable price in my opinion, even for student pocket it is a fair price. Whenever the summers heavy hot weather is disturbing do not hesitate to stop by a bar or just hang out at one of these pastel de nata corners so you can freshen up, drink some water and have one more pastel de nata, for the road.


From what I read this sweet pastry has its Origins in Portuguese territory but it is recognised as a very old and traditional recipe. No wonder the airports like for example the one in Porto where full of pastel de nata shops freshly baked or pre-made impact.

Thankyou for reading this blog post. I hope it was interesting. Cheers !!!

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