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Erasmus blog Rotterdam

  • Rotterdam - Kindedijk

    I have to build my  house like Rotterdam The lousy Easter rabbit stole the time egg and ran away!!!! Back to Berlin to rest a few days after a trip to North Europe, only 1 month left to...

    1 by Hoàng, 3 months ago
  • Best indoor places to hangout in Rotterdam

    My best indoor places to hangout in Rotterdam I haven't explored the bars in Rotterdam as much as I could have, so for those who have better recommendations, I would love to read your posts about it. I have to state that, generally, I got the impression that Rotterdam...

    0 by Anja, 9 months ago
  • Best outdoor places to hangout in Rotterdam

    I am aware that people complain about the Dutch weather a lot, the Dutch and the expats equally, but during my year there, there were actually many pleasant sunny days. Hence, you might want to know to where you can enjoy these nice days. I hope my list of best outdoor...

    0 by Anja, 11 months ago
  • How to get and keep a bike in Rotterdam

    How to get and keep a bike in Rotterdam As soon as you move to the Netherlands and start meeting people living there, you will inevitably be asked: "Did you buy a bike yet? " You might even think you can get through without it, but once you tried cycling in the...

    0 by Anja, one year ago
  • My favorite Dutch cities: Rotterdam

    Having been born and raised in this beautiful Dutch city and I can say that you will never experience a dull moment when visiting it. In my personal experience there are usually two camps when it comes to liking the city: you will absolutely love or hate it. Without any...

    0 by Jasmijn, one year ago

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