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Erasmus blog Maastricht

  • Day trip to Maastricht - Christmas Market

    I am back again with another trip in the beautiful Netherlands: Maastricht! I actually don’t know how big of a coincidence we managed to create with this trip, but right when my best friend visited me for Christmas, I was lucky enough to meet with another high school...

    0 by Lavinia, one year ago
  • Experiencing Maastricht

    My first months in the Netherlands were chaotic. As a master student I had lectures not only with other master student, but PhD students, Postdocs and during summer school experienced employees that were taking some courses just to expand their knowledge. You can...

    0 by Anja, 3 years ago
  • Carnival Maastricht

    After having worked for a mere three days in the Teaching Hotel Chateau Bethlehem during my internship I already had my first days off. Why? Because it was Carnival! The teaching hotel Chateau Bethlehem is open most of the time except for a few exceptions. It is closed...

    0 by Katrin, 3 years ago

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