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  • 4 days in Slovenia (part 2)

    Hello everyone! Today we are continuing on with our 4 day tour through Slovenia. After visiting the capital, Ljubljana, the first day, we went towards Lake Bled, one of the most visited attractions in the country, and we spent the morning there. It was around a 40 to 50...

    0 by Olivia, one year ago
  • 4 days in Slovenia part 1

    Hi, everyone! Today I am going to talk to you about a relatively unknown place which will most definitely surprise you. At least for me, it has been one of my best discoveries this year, in fact, I have already gone back there several times because there are always new...

    0 by Olivia, one year ago
  • 45 kilometres of the Slovenian coast that will change your life

    Hello, hello! Today I'm bringing you the last post from Slovenia, but the first time on the Adriatic coast. This ocean, which forms part of the Mediterranean Sea, boarders the following countries: Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Slovenia....

    0 by Emma, one year ago
  • The lakes of , a gem of nature

    The lakes of Slovenia, a gem of nature It's known as the green heart of Europe, as more than half of its territory is pure nature. I'm talking about Slovenia. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, caves, mountains. Today I'll be talking about the first time I visited this country...

    0 by Emma, one year ago
  • An adventurous Saturday: discovering Cividale del Friuli and Caporetto

    Dear friends at Erasmusu, today I am going to talk to you about a beautiful Saturday in late October, when I visited Slovenia for the first time. The main attraction of the trip, which I made by car with my mother and her partner, was Caporetto (Kobarid in Slovenian), a...

    0 by Gaia, one year ago
  • Trip to Slovenia

    This was an unexpected and very last-minute trip. I booked everything last Tuesday, and I left for Slovenia last Friday, 3 days after! Even if it was a last-minute trip, this doesn’t change anything to the fact that it was a well-planned and a very good one! I was...

    0 by Aurélie, 3 years ago
  • What to See in Slovenia: Predjamski grad and Logarska dolina

    I talked about the beautiful country of Slovenia in my some of my previous posts. It is a very small country (about three hundred kilometers from one end to another) and yet extremely diverse in nature. It has both a sea side and high mountains; caves and valleys… The...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • What to See in Slovenia Part 1

    There is a lot to see in the small but beautiful country of Slovenia. In part 1 of “What to See in Slovenia” I told you about great places you might like. Here is the second part in which I will talk about my most favorite sights in the country. Bled Lake Bled is an...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago
  • Slovenia, mon amour

    I did a two semester exchange in Slovenia. Never heard of it? No worries. It's a tiny country, right next to Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. And, by the way, by saying that Slovenia is small I really mean small. It has a population of about two million people and...

    0 by Bo, 7 years ago

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