Nightlife in İzmir - A guide to nightclubs and going out in İzmir | Erasmus blog Izmir, Turkey

Nightlife in İzmir - A guide to nightclubs and going out in İzmir

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Bars and Pubs in İzmir

Due to its large student population, you won’t be surprised to hear that Izmir’s nightlife is wide and varied, offering everything from rustic pubs to trendy, bohemian bars and large music arenas. The party hotspots which have most of the best bars and pubs in Izmir are the colourful streets of Bornova, Alsancak and Karsiyaka which are always lively, especially during summer time.

Cafe Del Mundo

Whilst it may not look like much from the outside, the inside does not disappoint, with a stunning glass roof and books and vintage posters adorning the walls. Cafe Del Mundo is one of the best places in Alsancak. It’s a bar and restaurant chain operating in different cities. It is highly recommended that you try their cocktails, shots or their beer selection which is extensive. The only downside is that at weekends the place becomes really crowded.

Eko Pub

Located in the heart of Alsancak right next to Gündoğdu Square, Eko Pub is a fun, casual hangout to visit with friends and is very popular with locals. Prices are average and the employees are really nice. The food is delicious, especially their salads, pizzas and burgers.

Kalyon Pub

Kalyon Bar is one of the oldest bars in İzmir and is in the centre of Konak'ın Gündoğdu Square. It’s a small and pretty place with the interior being fully wood panelled, creating an Irish bar vibe. The fried corn breaded anchovies are excellent here.

La Puerta

La Puerta offers a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and really good music. This place is great for travellers who want to feel the realİzmir although it is a bit expensive so if you’re a student, maybe go with a friend. It’s highly recommended that you try their schnitzel with sesame.

Night Clubs/arenas

İzmir Arena

Izmir’s biggest festival, concert and events area, it is right on İzmir bay and so offers a beautiful view.

Also, for people not from Turkey, it’s a great chance to see popular Turkish singers and bands perform here.

Ooze Venue

Situated in Bornova, Ooze venue often hosts live music performances, so another great place to go to discover Turkey’s music scene. Watch out though, drinks are expensive!

Container Hall

Also in Barnova, Container hall is just that, a massive container which hosts live music and clubbing events. It’s very cool and easy to get to for students from Ege University.

Bios Bar

This place is only open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They organise music concerts as well as comedy nights and other events. If you live in Alsancak, you should definitely go check it out.

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