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Old Town Hostel

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Sometimes "older" is better

Published by Dănilă Adriana — 6 years ago

If you decide to go to Gdansk for the weekend then you will need a place to spend the night /s. I warmly recommend this small, but really nice hostel called “Old Town Hostel”. It is not so close to the city center, but the services are truly good. When me and my friends first saw the building where the hostel was, we were thinking “someone made a heck of a joke”. Why? Because we were in front of the building that hosts the hostel and it did not look so good, but when we went through the back, were the real entrance was our opinions changed. Graffiti on the walls and contemporary arranged furniture inside.

The price for one night was 30 zloti and in the price you had breakfast included. One thing that you should know, is that this price is for the bed, not for the room. You pay for a bed in a six/eight beds room and the breakfast is a self serving one, the hostel provides you with things to eat and you do the rest. And, yes you must wash your plate after eating or as they said “your kitty gets the bullet:))”. The bathroom is ok and the showers as well.

Compared to other hostels that I have been at, this one was one of my favourite. For all of you out there who want to visit places and need a place to sleep, I recommend checking this site: It shows you all the hostels from all over the world. Have fun!

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