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  • Pierogarnia Mandu

    Firstly, if you ever come to Poland you have to try pierogi (dumplings) - it is our national pride, traditional food, and I believe every Polish person can say with nostalgia that they miss their grandmothers pierogi. I have visited Pierogarnia Mandu by accident,...

    0 by Karolina, in Where to eat Gdansk, 2 years ago
  • Old town

    I have spent the last weekend in Gdansk and instantly it has bacame one of my favorite Polish cities. It is mostly known because of historical events and the beginning of Second World War but it is also worth to just go there to explore beautiful old town and wander...

    0 by Karolina, in What to see Gdansk, 2 years ago
  • Pyra bar

    Hello readers, this time I will give you a suggestion on where to eat in Gdansk Old town. It is the place to be on a nice sunny day, with a group of friends or just alone. Pyra bar If you are a student enrolled at one of the many universities found in Gdansk and in...

    0 by nahom, in Where to eat Gdansk, 2 years ago
  • Kartuzy and the abandoned castle

    Hello beautiful readers, today is all about a day trip I had together with my Erasmus friends. I will take you on a journey into a misterious and magestic but uncompleted castle, one in its kind I must say.  Why Kartuzy ? As one fellow Erasmus was about to return to...

    0 by nahom, in What to see Gdansk, 2 years ago
  • blokfit

    Just to take some moment in seclusion and take our bodies strength to the limit. That's what me and three of my friends decided to do on a cold but yet sunny day in the beautiful city of Gdansk. The activity we engaged ourselves into is called bouldering and it was...

    0 by nahom, in What to do Gdansk, 2 years ago
  • Exploring the reading area

    Hello readers, I would like to start this post by a question: do you like going to libraries? If yes, which one is your favorite one? and how often do you go to your libraries? Today's post is all about how libraries can be a cool place to do your reading and maybe find...

    0 by nahom, in What to do Gdansk, 2 years ago
  • Coffee Perk

    Coffee Perk is a place where friends meet, like in the Friends series. It is close to Oliwa Park like the one in Friends was close to Central Park. This place is run by friendly people who prepare homemade delicious cakes and good coffee. What is more, they even allow...

    0 by Anca, in What to see Gdansk, 4 years ago
  • European Solidarity Centre

     European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk is a modern museum with a big library, multimedia library, 1 caffee place and one place where you can eat, and a lot to discover in the exhibition. The permanent exhibition is about Solidarity movement and revolutions in Europe...

    0 by Anca, in What to see Gdansk, 4 years ago
  • Gdańsk

    My favorite city of Poland is Gdansk. Therefore, I would like to start with history of Gdansk. Furthermore, I want to share my impressions of the city with you. The city was founded by the great ruler Mieszko I in the 10th century and for a long time the city was under...

    0 by Denys, in What to see Gdansk, 4 years ago
  • Krzywy Domek

    Krzywy Domek is a perfect place for your erasmus parties in Gdansk/Sopot. It's a strange house built in the Montecassino Street in Sopot where you can find a pub with beers and cocktails very cheap and tasty and upstairs 3 discos where you can dance till the next day....

    0 by Virginia, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Gdansk, 6 years ago
  • 3city Hostel

    I absolutely recommend this hostel as a place to meet new people from different countries! This is the best place to start your Erasmus period because you meet like lots of people in a row, so you can select your future flatmates! It is a very prepared hostel that...

    0 by Alycia, in What to do Gdansk, 6 years ago
  • Old Town Hostel

    If you decide to go to Gdansk for the weekend then you will need a place to spend the night /s. I warmly recommend this small, but really nice hostel called “Old Town Hostel”. It is not so close to the city center, but the services are truly good. When me and my...

    0 by Dănilă, in Where to sleep Gdansk, 7 years ago
  • WesterPlatte

    One of the most dramatic  events from human history is undoubtly The Second World War (1939-1945). One would think that after the First World War (1914-1918), people would have learned that fighting brings only misery and distruction, but it seems we only acknowledge...

    0 by Dănilă, in What to see Gdansk, 7 years ago

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