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"Never another war!"

Published by Dănilă Adriana — 6 years ago

One of the most dramatic  events from human history is undoubtly The Second World War (1939-1945). One would think that after the First World War (1914-1918), people would have learned that fighting brings only misery and distruction, but it seems we only acknowledge the importance of life after it is in danger.

If you want to see the place where the Second World War started, then a trip to Gdansk is in order and from here with the aide of a boat you’ll get to Westerplatte.  The trip with the boat is cheap, only 25 zolti for students and guess what? Not only you will see the other boats from the harbor, a small island, seagulls stealing fish from the water, but the best part is that you can ride a great boat. One that is called “The Black Pearl” like the one in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” where the infamous, Johnny Deep acts. It even looks in the same way as the marvelous ship used in the film.

Westerplatte has become famous because of the war and today it is recognized like the piece of land where the world conflagration started.  In Westerplatte you will find an enormous statue on top of a hill and at the base of the hill, a ciment inscription in polish that says “Never another war!”. You can also see a small cemetery for the heros that died in the war and buildings destroyed in the attacks. 

I’ve been talking only about the historical parts, well it is time to say something about the breath taking view. From WesterPlatte you can see the Baltic See. Blue, never ending and magic, like all the evil that happened here can be redeemed with this beauty. Either a fan of history or not, this is a great place to see. 

(Pictures made by my dear friend, Giorgiana Astefanei)

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