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Old town

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Beautiful Old Town

Published by Karolina G. — one year ago


I have spent the last weekend in Gdansk and instantly it has bacame one of my favorite Polish cities. It is mostly known because of historical events and the beginning of Second World War but it is also worth to just go there to explore beautiful old town and wander around small, colorful streets by the water.

For me the streets with old tenement houses look charming, reminding of old towns in Wrocław or Kraków, and the part by the water looks quite like Copenhagen.

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants, where you can just sit by the water and enjoy the view of ships passing by. The only annoying thing might be when the bridge opens up for half an hour and pedestrians are stuck on one side, either waiting for the passage to close or looking for another way to cross. But I guess it's only a bad thing when you are in a hurry, tourists don't mind that much and children love to see when the bridge lifts or goes back to original position.


There are also some "must-see" touristic attractions located in the Old Town, like the sculpture of Neptun or the Golden Gate. During summertime it will most likely be overcrowded with tourists coming to the seaside or travelling further from the main port but the city is worth visiting anyway.

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