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Pyra bar

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Published by nahom worku — one year ago

Hello readers, this time I will give you a suggestion on where to eat in Gdansk Old town. It is the place to be on a nice sunny day, with a group of friends or just alone.

Pyra bar

If you are a student enrolled at one of the many universities found in Gdansk and in particular you happen to pass near the old town area then you must check this place out. From the outside it seems to be your average place, given the beatiful sunny days, with some seats on the outside with a nice shadow guaranteed by the big withe umbrellas.


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The inside of Pyra Bar follows a common characteristic of many bars and diners found in Gdansk: you will see heating and cooling pipes covered in alluminium paper like material (probably to decrease the heat exchange between the pipes and the surrounding environment) running around the ceiling, perfectly improvised interior decorations like a pasta strainer turned upside down which serves as a hanging colander lamp. Another elemt that adds an extra layer of glamour is the ongoing music ranging from the beats of tribal african music, polish classics, music from the early 70s up to the 90s to the everlasting beats of reggae music.


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Whenever you have a big group of friends joining in for lunch or a late afternoon snack, it is possible to make reservations and be sure that your place will be there waiting for you. The main concept of this bar is the self service so when you visit them don't be shy to walk straight to the counter, take your menu and place your order directly; Once finished with your meal don't forget to take your plates and leave them at the designated cubicle for the cleaning staff to take them.


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The menu

From my point of view what makes this place so special is its student friendly price and a wide variety of dishes made with the most humble of all vegetables, potatoes. This amazing vegetabele is served in stirring hot casserole bowls in which you can choose from a vegetarian version with potatoes as a main ingredient nad a mix of other veggies, mozzarella and a withe souce to casseroles with chiken, broccoli, cheese and withe souce which happens to be my all time favorite. It doesn't just end here because you have in the menu a variety of sweet versions of the potato dishes.


As for the drinks you have a separate menu for the beer they serve from the house. The menu is very insightful and explains also the various types of beer they have and the process needed to make beer, from the row ingredients to the bottled product. I am not a beer lover but when you see the waiter flying in and out the entrance carrying a big glass of beer covered with a nice 5 cm froth layer, it becomes hard to resist to the temptation especially with the approaching of hot summer days. For the non-alcoholic folksout there you canenjoy a drink called kompot which is stewed seasonal fruit of Slavic origin or a glass of fresh kefir drink.

The staff

Well you have to go and take in the experience to get a full grip of the atmosphere of this place filled with people that are more than happy to help you have the lunch or late afternoon meal of your life. In my opinion the people working there are polite, fast and efficient in the mansion. No worries if your polish language skills are not enough to make an order, the waiters know how to speak English.

Cheers readers!!

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