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Pierogarnia Mandu

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Best pierogi in 3city!

Published by Karolina G. — one year ago

Firstly, if you ever come to Poland you have to try pierogi (dumplings) - it is our national pride, traditional food, and I believe every Polish person can say with nostalgia that they miss their grandmothers pierogi.

I have visited Pierogarnia Mandu by accident, because I was passing by and thought I miss traditional Polish food, the restaurant was full so I believed it must be good. I checked the reviews whether it's worth it and came in to see myself. People were not lying - it actually is the best restaurant with dumplings in the region and it's worth the wait to be seated. 


You can try traditional Polish tastes, like cabbage and mushrooms or potatoes with cheese, and find something very unique like sweet versions with carrots and peanut butter. There are also exotic versions of asian dumplings.

You can also choose if you want your dumplings cooked or in a crispy version from the oven - they have more dough and are bigger. But portion of any of them is so filling you probably won't need dessert.

Personally I had huge difficulty finding what to order, so I would recommend going in bigger group and taking different types, and then exchanging a few between each other. If you're in Gdansk wondering what to eat, I can say it's worth to go to Pierogarnia Mandu for dinner.

(photos from official Facebook fanpage)

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