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Exploring the reading area

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Exploring the reading area

Published by nahom worku — one year ago

hello readers, I would like to start this post by a question: do you like going to libraries? If yes, which one is your favorite one? and how often do you go to your libraries? Today's post is all about how libraries can be a cool place to do your reading and maybe find a study partner in the reading area, which makes things just more interesting because you are killing two birds with one stone :).

Main library

The library is the place I like to go to when I have some important reading and therefore when I need maximum silence. This might be in full contrast with the fact that, back in the days, as human beings we used to live in the forest listening consciously and unconsciously to the never ending sounds of mother nature, from the animals to the wind they all made harmonious music to our ear. As a result of this, now more than ever, I can concentrate well in places where there is a continuos noise or a background music. Nonetheless some days are just made for shutting down all the noises and lose oneself in some deep reading mood, and the main library of Gdansk Univesity of Technology does it best. 


The library is located on the ground floor just across the foyer, its open doors transmit a welcoming vibe to all who happen to pass near by. I was one of those who couldn't resist to the temptation to look around and see how it is in the inside. Once crossed the security scanner door, on the left you have the front desk and few meters away you can find all the accademical books you will ever need to go a little deeper with the topics you are interested in. 


(for some reason we still have the faithfull christmas tree right on the corner :). This library has a convinient policy when it comes to book loans for its students and visitors: it is possible to take from ten to twelve books per student for a period of one moth renewable for an additional month. There are different loan possibilities depending on your study level, undergraduate or masters, and on the type of book you are interested in. The website of the library, from which is possible to access the online catalogue and order books, is also offered in english, and quite clear and intuitive for first time users.

On your right there are some more bookshelfs and some fast desktop computers available for the use of the students and visitors.


Along the long corridor you can see more books to expand your knowledge in mathematics, applied mechanics and really anything you could think of is there waiting for you.


On the right side of the same corridor you have sitting/reading areas dedicated for a group study because here you are free to talk loudly so it is the place where you can see student collaboration at its best!


One of my favorite areas to get on with my studies is this big room characterized by an amazing silence and one of the most comfortable seats I have ever had in my life. Once you get in and find a sit there is no room for distraction: everything goes so smothly and you can't help it but be in full harmony with the surrounding atmosphere, every move you make in that particular room enhances the tranquility. It is impressive how the arrangement can affect the overall atmosphere. When there is a sunny day the room is filled with sunlight, making the place feel like a surreal environment. It would be a shame if your phone would ring and change the whole dynamic of this space so whatchout!


Surprising facts

Some of the things that I found out about this place made me rise an eyebrow or two, out of utter surprise:

  • to return a book there is a built in machine called 3M Intelligent self-return machine so there is no need to wait on the queue at the front desk, you can do it by yourself during opening hours of the library;


  • if a student would return the book after the due date he or she will have to pay at the front desk an ammount ranging from 0.30 zl to 3.00 zl depending on the type of book, for each day after the due day;
  • In order to get in to the silent reading rooms you are asked to leave your jacket in the designated cloak room which is located downstairs, not far from the library. Personally I don't know why and I hope that someone will explain it to me;
  • the librarians working in this place are very keen to solve any issues and welcoming when it comes to inviting students to various events and workshops they organize.

All in all I will say that I am very much satisfied with this place and the service it offers, so if there is anyone up for an afternoon reading in this library let me know in the comments below, I would be more than happy to have a new study partner ;)

Cheers everyone!

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