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This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • Jean Mermoz University Residence

    The Jean Mermoz University Residence is conveniently located near a bus stop and the Mermoz-Pinel metro station. It's a beautiful residence because Parilly Park is also near by. When it comes to groceries, there's a Casino supermarket and also Lidl (15 minutes from the...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Lyon one year ago
  • The Dom

    I will start this blog with the emblem of the city of Cologne, which is the Kölner Dom cathedral. It took a little over 600 years to build this cathedral. It's located next to Cologne Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). It's possible to go inside from 6 a. m. to 9 p. m....

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Cologne one year ago
  • Preconception: In Spain it's always hot!

    At the time of the first frost, I look back with nostalgia when I arrived here almost a month ago... And yes, just ten days ago it was 30 ° C in Huelva! And since the start of the weekend, all Erasmus are in search of a hat and other winter pageantry. Wow, my first...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Huelva 3 years ago
  • January 25th, 2016

    The departure 7:05 a. m., this is the time my plane took off from Brussels Zaventem airport. I'm leaving Belgium which was covered in snow a few days ago. I have one thing in mind: escape the winter to a Mediterranean destination which is none other than Cyprus and its...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Nicosia 3 years ago
  • Finding accommodation in Groningen, or for some the obstacle course

    In this article, I will share with you all the advice I can give you and all the information I have collected. If you also have an experience, advice, a tip or useful information, leave a comment! Source Generalities Most rentals aren't furnished. The roommates...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus tips 3 years ago
  • Sesame recipe commonly called "goussi" in fon.

    Hello, good evening, let me introduce myself. I'm Arielle, a 21 years old young Beninese. Today I'll introduce you to a sesame recipe. I couldn't post quickly for the contest because of the connection. Yes, in Benin, not only you have to pay a lot for a real connection...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus recipes 3 years ago
  • Visiting Saly, a European-style coastal city

    During the Easter holidays, we decided to visit the city of Saly. More than visit, we especially went to relax because we knew that there wasn't much to see there but that the sea was clean, there were nice hotels and a lot of tourists. In short, a little less Senegal...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Dakar 3 years ago
  • A change of work: Asedeme centre

    After the first two months in Dakar, I decided to lengthen my stay. I hoped to be able to stay up to four months because that was what I had been promised in Belgium. Wep had assured me that I could stay a minimum number of months (two months) and extend the duration of...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Dakar 3 years ago
  • Christmas dinner in Belgium

    Christmas dinner in Belgium is sacred. We surround ourselves with family, our extended family, with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. And the food is sacred too. A famous menu that spans more than four hours. I will try to tell you as best I can my experience so...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Belgium 3 years ago
  • My arrival in Dakar

    I took the plane on a Sunday in February to go to the African continent, more specifically to the capital of Senegal, Dakar. I was very excited about leaving although I only spent a few months in Belgium as I was coming back from another trip. However, I knew that this...

    0 by Mirabelle, in Erasmus blog Dakar 3 years ago

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