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Preconception: In Spain it's always hot!

At the time of the first frost, I look back with nostalgia when I arrived here almost a month ago...

And yes, just ten days ago it was 30 ° C in Huelva! And since the start of the weekend, all Erasmus are in search of a hat and other winter pageantry.

Wow, my first week here and the discovery of Punta Umbría under a radiant sun! I must admit, I was rather well acclimated to the Andalusian temperatures more than lenient until then. It must be said that at home, we don't live in igloos either ¡jeje! but early November is far from synonymous to swimsuits and bare back!

Myth : In Spain it's always hot!

You're already able to discover Punta Umbría through the post on the "chiringuito", but speak little, speak well! This beach is really nice, the waterfront is rather preserved, there are no huge building blocks that rot the landscape, some "chiringuitos" and hotels here and there of course but nothing too bad. Also, the wild side given the dune redevelopment makes this beach all the more pleasant. To walk on the hot sand and in the shade of the pines just a few moments later, I must admit that it's really top!

Myth : In Spain it's always hot!

And now, when I close my eyes next to the heater, I almost feel like I'm there again! ¡Jaja!

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