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This is my translations blog with useful content for Erasmus in English

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  • Essay on the importance of education

    The Importance of Education essay will tell us the most important thing about learning, both for adult education programs and for children. Over the years, a large number of such essays have been used to encourage schools to modify their curricula and develop programs...

    0 by Patricia, in General 2 years ago
  • How to become Erasmus?

    And it is that after telling my experience in which I finally arrived at my home after many days of traveling, I want to expose in a more or less summarized way, the different steps that I had to go through to become an Erasmus scholarship There are not many, but if you...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus scholarships 2 years ago
  • Shopping in Tenerife! - Santa Cruz area.

    Although many people may think that an island like Tenerife cannot stand out for its commercial areas because we barely live 900, 000 people here (very few compared to any known capital or city in Europe), but the huge number of tourists that we receive, which exceeds...


    Once the tourist visit to Prague was over we had to take the train to Krakow. After all the walk it was difficult to endure until 22:29 the train left. We had dinner at the station but things began to close because it was Sunday and quite late. The truth is that we have...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus blog Krakow 2 years ago
  • Marrakech III: leisure and party 1/2

    In Marrakech, despite being a city belonging to a Muslim country, there is plenty of leisure for foreigners, such as cocktail bars, discos, casinos, etc. In this blog I will talk about the places that I have personally gone to and others that I have not, but about those...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus blog Marrakesh 2 years ago
  • Tips for memories

    Hi guys. How are you? In Croatia, there are many typical little things but the best artisan product in Croatia is the intricate lace that is made on the island of Pag, part of a tradition of several centuries that still stands out strongly. Although you can see it...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus blog Croatia 2 years ago
  • All you have to know about transportation

    Hi guys, after several questions on the subject, I will explain a little. To move around Croatia itself there are several means. On the one hand, we have an airplane. Croatia Airlines is the only company that performs domestic flights. Rates depend on the season and are...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus blog Croatia 2 years ago
  • Find a job while in Erasmus

    In this post I will tell you my experience in terms of "work" being Erasmus in Portsmouth, my city. At the beginning of the course at Purple Door , one of the University rooms provided information for students regarding part-time and temporary work. From caring for the...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus scholarships 2 years ago
  • Top 5 shopping centers in Florence that you can't miss:

    Florence- Italy is a city with an exquisite culture and a variety of tourist points where, anyone can go to entertain, visit a different city is to be able to enter all corners of all possible aspects of it, so the shopping centers and markets are no exception. As far...

    0 by Patricia, in Erasmus blog Florence 2 years ago

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