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Hi guys. How are you? In Croatia, there are many typical little things but the best artisan product in Croatia is the intricate lace that is made on the island of Pag, part of a tradition of several centuries that still stands out strongly. Although you can see it frequently in some craft stores in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, it is more interesting to make an excursion to Pag and buy the famous lace patches directly to the women who make them. Embroidered fabrics are also sold in many souvenir shops.


Croatian embroidery is characterized by its vivid red geometric designs on a white background, which can be seen on tablecloths, pillowcases, and blouses. Lavender and other herbs converted into scented sachets or oils are other popular and affordable gifts. They can be found in almost all the islands of central Dalmatia, especially on the island of Hvar, known for its lavender fields. The island of Brac is also famous for its bright stone. Ashtrays, vases, candlesticks and other small but heavy objects sculpted in Brac stone are sold throughout the island. Gastronomic products, wines, and local spirits can also be purchased. If the traveler is in Samobor, he can buy mustard or Bermet liquor. In Pag, they sell delicious homemade cheese, although it will be necessary to take into account that the customs regulations of many countries prohibit the import of cheese without packaging. Cukarini cakes made on the island of Korcula can be preserved for a while if they are wrapped in cellophane. Local spirits, whose bottles often contain herbs, can evoke the aromas and flavors of each region since almost every locality produces its own.


Lately, the jewellery stores that appear in cities and towns have appeared on the Croatian commercial scene. In general, their owners are immigrants from Kosovo who have several centuries of tradition in silver work. Although stores also sell pieces made of gold, the filigree of earrings, bracelets, and objects of art in silver are often of surprising quality. I will talk to you later about Pag, in-depth and with clarity and clairvoyance.

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