Find a job while in Erasmus

In this post I will tell you my experience in terms of "work" being Erasmus in Portsmouth, my city.

At the beginning of the course at Purple Door , one of the University rooms provided information for students regarding part-time and temporary work. From caring for the elderly to helping people who needed it or even doing paperwork in some kind of body. The truth is that it is very good because they offer a lot of things and it is a wide field where you can feel at ease if it is not in one place it is in another.

There we provided information , there were tables with all kinds of papers that you could take if you were interested in what they were offering. You could ask any questions and they treated you very kindly and were attentive. The truth that the University in terms of an organization has ten of me. The amount of activities (not just work) that you can find there is incredible. You just have to think for a moment what you would like to do and there probably is. Well, as I said, in Purple Door, they introduced us to the topic "work" and you could sign up by giving your email so they could write to you in case there was some kind of job offer that might interest you.

Meriem, Miguel Sara and I found a job that at first painted very well but then turned out to be a bit of a pain. I will explain why. It was a job you went to if they called you if not. It was a company called " Orridge " . It really seemed that there was a fixed template but occasionally they needed people, therefore, They were pulling the ones we were going with this "temporary job". There was no set schedule on which you could base. Simply if they needed people, they could let you know until the very day before. Besides it could be in another city , yes, the transport was put by them, but it was a real pain to have to move half an hour or even one of the city where we were. Also having class the next day.

Really the work in this company was found by Miguel. We had to go do a kind of test or exam very close to the Fratton station on the main street where Asda was located (where we used to go shopping ). In fact the headquarters was just behind in one of those alleyways. We got there all four and did the kind of test that. It was about filling in a kind of questionnaire answering in each one what we personally thought of the way of working etc. The truth was not so much . At that time we were excited because we had found something to get some money since it would not hurt. Then we deliver it and within days we will be notified with the results. We enter the four. They explained how everything was going and they would call us. The first day they called Miguel and Meriem and then they already called Sara and my depending on the availability we each had (it was practically the same, except Meriem that she had found work in a Subway in the Ibis Hotel area).

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