Top 5 shopping centers in Florence that you can't miss:

Florence- Italy is a city with an exquisite culture and a variety of tourist points where, anyone can go to entertain, visit a different city is to be able to enter all corners of all possible aspects of it, so the shopping centers and markets are no exception.

As far as entertainment is concerned, the Tuscan capital offers us a great variety of sites for all tastes ; Here we will discuss the busiest shopping centers in Florence and what you can find in them:

1) San Donato: A place full of a variety of activities and shops for all tastes such as H&M, Media Word, among others; In addition, different restaurants to the satisfaction of the various consumers.

One of the main successes of C. C San Donato is the free underground parking in its first 2 hours, which makes it a busy destination for both visitors and residents.

2) Gruppo Coin : With different stores, with merchandise for both men and women, fashion, beauty, and home. The whose point in favor is the variety of cheap stores that can be found as the case of Koan.

Specifically, in this mall, we will find one of the best lines of supermarkets, the Unicopp also present in other C. C.

3) Commerciale Gavinana Center: Located on Via Erbosa, it is one of the busiest shopping centers in Florence, which has the Unicopp supermarket line, in addition to this A cozy atmosphere for its visitors.

It has a single negative point, parking in days of great vehicular movement tends to become complete chaos.

4) Centro Sesto: Located in Via Petrosa, it is small in size and is built around the Unicopp supermarket, with a large number of shops of different types and tastes, where The first floor highlights a sushi bar of great pleasure for most tourists.

Negative point: Difficult access place if there is no private transport.

5) I Gigli Shopping Center: A fascinating place not only for the variety of stores but also for its wide range of tastes capable of covering, in it we find quite peculiar points, among which we can highlight the presence of a clothing market on the top floor where you can get beautiful items at low costs.

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