Once the tourist visit to Prague was over we had to take the train to Krakow. After all the walk it was difficult to endure until 22:29 the train left. We had dinner at the station but things began to close because it was Sunday and quite late.

The truth is that we have been quite comfortable when it comes to taking tickets to travel since is eight hours of travel and we have decided to buy the tickets in wagons with bunk beds. We have paid 1345CKZ = 58 euros but the truth is that it is quite worth it for such a long trip since rest is essential.

At first, we did not know very well what exactly our car was but we asked the reviewers who were outside and they treated us very kindly. It was a bit complicated to know the car that belonged to us because some cars only carry people who stop at a destination, that is, each car has a destination and we did not know what the Krakow area was.


On the train, a lady comes to wake up forty-five minutes before our stop to bring us coffee or tea (whatever you tell the reviewer when the ticket is sealed). There are different types of bunk beds, in our "room" we have three bunk beds: down, medium and high , but quite comfortable, we also have three bottles of water and three glasses of water to brush our teeth. Of course, we have a small sink to wash before getting off the train. All are comforts.

We can regulate the temperature that we want in our part of the car and also the type of light. We have hangers to hang clothes and a space to leave your bags. Do not go to think that it is a giant space because just three people enter without being in bed, we have to get off in shifts. The fall from the top bunk can be deadly , but that's why they put ago for children.

The train, as you can imagine, also has a bathroom and is very funny because when you pull the tank (you press a button) it seems that the toilet absorbs all the water like a vacuum cleaner. Later a splash of clean waterfalls again.


The trip was quite unstable , the bed was very small and any outside movement woke you up in addition to the air coming out cold... It was very rare to wake up from heat and cold on the same night. They brought us breakfast and we arrived an hour and a half late. At the station there was no loss, you enter a shopping center where you can store your luggage in the luggage if you arrive very soon. There are two types of slogans : some where they charge you 21 zlotys = 5, 2 euros and you give it to a person who keeps it in a room (see photo) and another one of some boxes where you put the zlotys according to the time you think you need, with 18 zlotys you have 24 hours (I also leave you a photo).


Inside the shopping center there is a place where you can exchange euros or crowns or the currency you have for zlotys. Approximately four zlotys are one euro but may vary depending on where you change, if you do not need the money immediately I advise you to change enough for the slogans and while you take the first look at the city you go watching Where they have the best chance.

I leave some photos of our cozy home for one night. And some photos of the Krakow station where we arrived safe and sound.


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