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    Targha, Morocco

    Targha is a small village on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, 174 km west of Al Hoceima and 53 km southeast of Tétouan. Life in Targha : The local population is comprised of farmers and fishermen, because of the good climate of the region and its position near the...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Morocco, 3 days ago
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    El Jadida, Morocco

    El Jadida is a Moroccan city located on the Atlantic coast at 90 km from Casablanca. This city was built by the Portuguese during the 16th century and was named Mazagan, and it was in 1769 that it was taken over by the Moroccans. Life in El Jadida : Life is generally...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog El Jadida, 4 days ago
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    Erfoud, Morocco

    Erfoud is a town founded by the French in 1913 and is part of the Errachidia province. This town is known for being the capital of dates and fossils in Morocco, and it is also located in an area highly visited by tourists who love the desert. The dates of Erfoud: This...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Morocco, 4 days ago
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    Erasmus = open-mindedness !

    How many times haven't I heard this? "You'll see, you'll come back from Erasmus, you'll be (much more) open-minded". And ok, personally, I don't believe that. It may just be a month that I've been on Erasmus, but what I see around me does not always reflect...

    0 by Chrys in General, 11 days ago
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    Dimmi tutto: The best Gelaterias!

    No one can deny that Italian gastronomy is among the best in the world. And there is no question of the debate between France and Italy of who lists the best dishes (because we would risk the third world war). No, there is the matter of a topic that is not discussed: Il...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Rome, 18 days ago
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    Erasmus experience in Galway, Ireland by Camille

    How long is your stay? How much help do you receive? A year. I have the CROUS scholarship of 450€ which barely covers my rent, and I am supposed to receive 1800€ in mobility aid, but to this day, the first semester ended and I didn't have anything. If my mother...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus experiences Galway, 18 days ago
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    Dimmi tutto : The 5 commandments of the great classics

    Rome, an open-air museum, a paradise for those passionate about Antiquity, the 4th tourist destination in the world, the eternal city, the capital of the Empire, the center of the world! (uh... ok I'm getting carried away here). In tourist tradition, a good tourist...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Rome, one month ago
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    Dimmi tutto : The small secrets of Rome

    I spent 1 year in Rome. 361 days and 7 hours, a resident of Rome to be exact. This gave me quite some time to get lost there and discover it's wonders. And beyond the Colosseum, the St. Peter's Basilica or the Pantheon (three architectural nuggets in passing), there...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Rome, one month ago
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    Merzouga, Morocco

    Merzouga is a small village situated in the South East of Morocco near the border with Algeria, a part of the Errachidia province, about 55km from Erfoud. This village is very touristic, visited by many Moroccan and foreign tourists especially during the period from May...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Morocco, 2 months ago
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    Last December, I decided to pay a friend a visit, also an Erasmus student, in Rome. I don't know how I manage but I always arrive very late at night to the point where there are no more trains nor busses to make the trip from the airport to Termini Station. Furthermore,...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus blog Rome, 2 months ago
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    A year in Galway...very enriching

    Sheep, violins, Guinness, swans and raindrops Do you want to go to an english-speaking country with a very strong culture? Do you want to come back bilingual without necessarily having the accent of Queen Elizabeth II? Do you want to select courses in an environment...

    0 by Chrys in Erasmus experiences NUI Galway , 2 months ago

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