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Targha, Morocco

Targha is a small village on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, 174 km west of Al Hoceima and 53 km southeast of Tétouan.


Life in Targha :

The local population is comprised of farmers and fishermen, because of the good climate of the region and its position near the sea. The people are modest, very kind and helpful. The village is generally safe, you can be sure that no-one will attack you, you can even spend a night in your tent on the beach with no problem.


Transportation :

To get there you have to take a grand taxi from Tétouan (3€) or Al-Hoceima (5€) since it's a small village and there is no means of transportation within Targha.

Accommodations :

There are no hotels in this small village, but you can rent a house or an apartment so the prices will vary between 15€ and 30€ per night depending on the distance from the beach. But if you prefer a hotel or luxury houses you can find them at Oued Laou (a big village close to Targha at 16 km).


The beach of Targha :

It is the most wonderful thing in this village, it's a clean beach and little visited, the waters are very calm, clear and clean (you can see the sand on the bottom). It's an ideal place for people who practice rod fishing, since it doesn't have a lot of people, and the waters are rich in different species of fish (Dorado, Sar, Sole and other sea fish).



On the other side of the beach there is a part of the RIF mountain range, generally visited by lovers of hiking and mountain nature. You can also go there during sunset or sunrise to get some great views of the beach during these two wonderful moments.


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