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  • Blog

    Amazing adventure in Heouaria

    Heouaria is a Tunisian city that is wonderful, and so much beautiful especially in terms of green landscapes and views on the sea, In my opinion it was the best trip I ever did before because at that time there was simultaneously the festival of the eagle which is very...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Tunis, 17 godzin temu
  • Blog

    Erasmus recipe for traditional food

    During my internship in Portugal, i discovered that it was a little bit difficult to travel in another country different in culture, in traditions and in gastronomy and have the ability to accept them right away with that difference occurring between civilizations, and...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe przepisy kulinarne, 2 dni temu
  • Doświadczenie

    Travel was my therapy against depression

    During my PhD studies period, I faced a lot of difficulties due mainly to a huge lack of materials and good assistance, I went through a long period where I did not do anything in the lab and I was waiting for the reagents endlessly, without hope and in very difficult...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe doświadczenia Porto, 3 dni temu
  • Doświadczenie

    volunteering in Marseille what a human experience

    Volunteering is the most noble and fabulous human act ever, it serves to help people in the situation of their need, it demands a lot of generosity, of open mind and cutural background, it allows the increase of fraternity, hospitality and good between people, i must...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe doświadczenia Marsylia, 3 dni temu
  • Doświadczenie

    Difference between accomadations airbnb, hotels, student room,

    I write today for a special concern that every student and traveler around the world is experiencing to spend the most amazing journey abord without the need of paying much money or putting half of the travel budget in it which is accomodation. Accomodation while being...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe doświadczenia Porto, 4 dni temu
  • Doświadczenie

    Internship experience in Portugal

    Scientific research is one of the most noble and interesting activity we can ever do since it have so much positive impacts and leads to new discoveries and new results testifies by all the scientific community. As being a PhD student and many students in many case will...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe doświadczenia Braga, 4 dni temu
  • Blog

    wonderful trip to Sapanca

    Sapanca is a marvellous city not very far from the capital Istanbul, known for having the most wonderful park and offering green landscapes ever as it is characterised by amazing waterfalls coming from the mountains, by its mountains with very natural vegetation that...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Turcja, 5 dni temu
  • Blog

    Wonderful cruise near the Bosphorus day 3

    During my trip in Turkey with my friends, we had so much fun, we lived so much great adventures together with our Turkish friend that will remain in memory for ever, we tried almost all the attractions we went from the carriage to the tramway, but we also tried in the...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Turcja, 5 dni temu
  • Blog

    My amazing journey in Turkey day 2

    During our second day of the trip, we planned to visit the most emblematic castle of all turkey probably that is called saint sophia near the blue mosque. We therefore began to prepare ourselves after we spent an amazing night with the head full of the most amazing...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Turcja, 5 dni temu
  • Blog

    My wonderful travel to Turkey first day

    During my internship, I had great opportunities to visit many countries all over the world as the Visa student allows you to go wherever you desire in the Shenghen area. While there are some countries in the world that exige having a visa for entry to visit them, turkey...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Turcja, 7 dni temu
  • Blog

    From Nice to the wonderful cannes

    During my internship i had the amazing idea to go for a trip to France with my friends, we visited a wonderful unforgettable and amazing city Nice, then friends planned to discover other cities around and decided to visit another famous city very near by distance and...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Cannes, 9 dni temu
  • Blog

    From Valencia to the beautiful and splendid city Bilbao

    After visiting Valencia for a weekend, I had to attend a scientific conference where many scientific researchers meet in one single event, this conference was hold in the most amazing spanish city ever, Bilbao. So from Valencia I had to take a bus with a duration of...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Bilbao, 12 dni temu
  • Blog

    Visit to Valencia from Portugal

    During my traineeship in Portugal, the weather got suddenly warm, the flowers opened and the landscape announced the beginning of spring, a month that I personally like very much because I was born in spring. I decided to go for a new adventure and visit a part of Spain...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Walencja, 13 dni temu
  • Blog

    Fabulous visit to Ville Franche sur mer

    As we were visiting Nice and not so far from this amazing city located in the south of France, we could discover another amazing city called Ville franche sur mer that is even more splendid in terms of beautiful landscapes and harmony with nature. In fact, we went in...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Francja, 14 dni temu
  • Blog

    From Cannes to Saint Tropez

    Our adventure in the french Cote d'Azur is still hiding many surprises, as many wonderful and beautiful cities around offer so much amazing landscapes to discover, especially that we found ourselves with enough money and time to discover another city not very far from...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Cannes, 14 dni temu
  • Blog

    Trip from Paris to Nice

    From the amazing city Paris, we decided to discover another part of the country located in the extreme south of France which is the amazing city Nice, for this purpose we had the choice of travelling by bus or by the train ; finally we decided to to try the train high...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Nicea, 16 dni temu
  • Blog

    Visit to Paris from Portugal

    During my internship in Portugal, i wanted to visit another european countries that were close in distance as my student visa allowed me to do such a thing, I had therefore the idea to visit the city of the lights Paris.It was winter time so fight prices were very cheap...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Paryż, 17 dni temu
  • Blog

    Faro a splendid city of the south

    During my intership in Portugal, i decided one day to discover the south of the country very famous for its splendid beaches and warm climate. The most famous region is Algarve where many famous poeple have their own property there very luxurious homes and hotels just...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Faro, 21 dni temu
  • Blog

    Things you can not miss to do in the capital Tunis

    Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, a north african country where poeple can enjoy spending their summer time, their holidays with the most cheaper prices as one tunisian dinar cost tree times less than one euro, so european inhabitants can enjoy very cool sunny weather...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe porady, 22 dni temu
  • Blog

    Cascais an amazing city to visit

    Lisbon is a huge city where people can enjoy many historical monuments such as praca do comercio, elevador Santa justa but also discover a more modern part of the city characterised by the new buildings, the new malls like in Parque dos Nacoes where people can find the...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Lizbona, 24 dni temu
  • Blog

    Discovering Porto

    Porto is the most famous and trendy Portuguese city, for the last few years it represents a mix of characteristics that finally go well together, and make this city a very pleasant place to live and to discover, in a superb way, and for most of the poeple to see new...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Porto, 25 dni temu
  • Blog

    five attractions not to miss in Tunisia

    Tunisia is a very beautiful north african country with a strategic location on the Mediterranean sea and amazing attractions that anyone can try and can not miss during a visit to the country. The climate especially make it a very attractive destination since the days...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Tunisia, 29 dni temu
  • Blog

    Jardim zoologico de Lisboa and oceanarium

    During my traineeship period in Portugal, i had the chance to discover the splendid city Lisbon. The best way to discover all the amazing places around the city is walking which allows to meet new poeple, know more good unfogrettable restaurants and clubs, and do many...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Lizbona, miesiąc temu
  • Blog

    Spending Christmas in Braga

    Braga is a city located in the north of Portugal characterised with a very rich historical patrimoine and amazing site views especially from the very popular cathedral Bom Jesus famous for it amazing gardens designed in very beautiful way. Most of the portuguese poeple...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Braga, miesiąc temu
  • Blog

    Zaghouen a hidden city of natural water

    Zaghouen is a very popular city in Tunisia, located in the north of the country near Bir MCHERGA  railway station, this very beautiful city is a real tresor for poeple that does not know it because it contains the most pure and natural source of overflowing water...

    0 przez Marwa w Erasmusowe blogi Tunisia, miesiąc temu

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