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  • Blog

    Adventures in Singapore, part 4

    1. Accommodation (in general) So, it's time to talk about hostels! I did far too much research on this, and ended up in what was actually my second choice -- my first choice, Footprints Hostel, ended up being booked while I was still looking -- and because I'd booked...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus blog Singapore, one hour ago
  • Experience

    Experience in Bucharest, Romania by Rose

    What is it like to live in Bucharest? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Living in Bucharest was really fun. I was there in May, and it varied between 11-23 degrees Celsius in that time, so you do need to prepare for that. It's not exactly what you would...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus experiences Bucharest, 2 hours ago
  • Blog

    Adventures in Singapore, part 3

    Hiking at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve I got up pretty early this morning (ok, like 7 am) because the plan is to go hiking with Ja and some friends at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Due to the unfortunate weather in Singapore, that means going before the sun has had...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus blog Singapore, 5 days ago
  • Experience

    Adventures in Singapore, part 1: Arriving in Singapore

    What was weird for me, coming from Thailand, was that the 7/11s and convenience stores here are far more expensive than even shopping in a supermarket. In Thailand, 7/11 is where you go when you want cheap food to eat quick. Like, it's not healthy but at least it's...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus experiences Singapore, 5 days ago
  • Place

    Sentosa Island, Singapore

    Heading to Universal Studios Singapore Went to Universal Studios Singapore today! You can buy the ticket at the airport when you first arrive, and they give you a 4 dollar (singapore dollar) discount if you do so. That means it's down from 79 singapore dollars to 75....

    by Rose in What to do Singapore, 5 days ago
  • Job

    Looking For a Part-Time Job (in Dublin or Remotely)

    Hello! I'm Rose, and I'll be doing my Masters in International Development in UCD this year. I'm looking to also do some part-time work, either in person in Dublin or remotely. I've worked as a virtual assistant, an English teacher, a proofreader and editor, and as a...

    in Student jobs Dublin, 5 days ago
  • Blog

    Travel Insurance

    So, we're going to make a sharp divergence from the normal posts of trips I've been on for a little bit, because I'm doing a month and a half of travelling in Europe (my first time there!) and I might as well put the information I gathered for it somewhere. I spent...

    0 by Rose in General, 5 days ago
  • Place


    Living the high life Okay, so this entire post is probably just going to read like an ad for The Westin, but wow, this place is super nice (and I do give a little detail about the area itself and what to see/do at the end). Some background: I flew in to Singapore to go...

    by Rose in Cafe, cocktail, beer Singapore, 5 days ago
  • Blog

    My Last Day in Romania + Transportation Matters

    Walking Wow, today was absolutely filled with transportation issues. That's sort of funny, considering my hostel was in the center of Bucharest, pretty much, and I chose it specifically for location and so I'd have easy/good access to transport. I knew I'd be carting my...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus blog Bucharest, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    Kayaking at Railay Beach

    Kayaking on our final day at Krabi For our last day here, Ja and I went to Railay Beach to go kayaking. That was loads of fun, though I gained yet another shade of tan. Neither of us have ever been before, so there we were trying to figure out how to paddle and all...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus blog Thailand, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    Hiking the Dragon Crest Mountain trail

    1. What is Dragon Crest Mountain As the name suggests, it's a mountain. In Thai, it's also called Khao Ngon Nak, but what's special about it is its the hiking trail, which is about 3.7 km one way, has super fantastic viewpoints, and is also free and relatively...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus blog Thailand, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    Island Hopping at Krabi

    As the title suggests, Ja (a friend from uni) and I went island hopping today, which just means we hired a longtail boat to do a private tour of these four islands, except it was only three actually, because for one of them the driver (skipper? captain? what's the name...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus blog Thailand, 7 days ago
  • Experience

    A Layover in Istanbul

    At the Airport - Signing up for Touristanbul It was 6 am and I'd just stumbled through customs, and was wondering if that was a mistake. I had a 14 hour layover and a Turkish Airlines boarding ticket stub, and the knowledge that I qualified for Turkish...

    0 by Rose in Erasmus experiences Istanbul, 7 days ago
  • Roommate

    UCD student looking for accommodation in Dublin

    Hello! I'm Rose, and I'll be headed to Dublin this August to start my MA in International Development at University College Dublin (UCD). I'm looking for accommodation, either near UCD or near public transportation to UCD, with a budget of 500 euros, for either one...

    in Roommates Dublin, 8 days ago

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