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Travel Insurance

Published by Rose Dela Cruz — 6 days ago

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Travel Insurance

So, we're going to make a sharp divergence from the normal posts of trips I've been on for a little bit, because I'm doing a month and a half of travelling in Europe (my first time there!) and I might as well put the information I gathered for it somewhere.

I spent hours and hours trying to find some decently cheap insurance for Asians (or people living in Asia) who are travelling abroad to Europe. There was plenty the other way, loads of insurance possibilities for people coming to Asia, but a horrifying dearth of options in the reverse.

Seriously, google "Insurance for Asians". When I did it, only one of the results on the first page is for travel insurance for Asians, and it's a horrible option.

Basically, what most of my research turned up was either World Nomads (something like 150 dollars for a month long trip for me) or AXA Schengen insurance (for 1.5 euro a day), which, no. It's not like I really thought I'd need insurance at all.

But then! Turns out my research process was faulty. Shouldn't have been searching insurance for asians, should've just been searching major insurance companies that I know operate from Thailand. And lo and behold, AXA Thailand, Frank, and AIG all had.


And for non-Thai and Asians who want travel insurance, the point here is you should go check out the major insurance companies' deals specifically for your country. For example, the general AXA Schengen insurance deal was a bad one for me, but then AXA Thailand had a good coverage plan.

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