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  • Walking around Bucharest part 3 - The Christmas market

    Bucharest Christmas market After we tested out our sensations in The museum of senses ( you can read the article by clicking the blue writing ) the last destination that we have planned for tonight is The Bucharest Christmas market. To get there we take the metro from...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Walking around Bucharest part 2: The museum of senses

    The museum of Sense: an entertaining experience After visiting the old city center of Bucharest we sit in a 5 to go, grab a coffee and discuss about where we should go next. I propose to my friends The Museum of Senses and when I explain a bit what the location is...

    1 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • Walking around Bucharest part 1

    Walking around Bucharest part 1 : Unarte, Calea Victoriei, Cărturești  The National University of Arts, București  The next day, at 10.00 AM I meet with my two quest friends in front of my dorm where we start our day of urban exploration in Bucharest. The first...

    0 by Șchiopu, one year ago
  • My Last Day in Romania + Transportation Matters

    Walking Wow, today was absolutely filled with transportation issues. That's sort of funny, considering my hostel was in the center of Bucharest, pretty much, and I chose it specifically for location and so I'd have easy/good access to transport. I knew I'd be carting my...

    0 by Rose, one year ago
  • The Fundamentals of Kyrgyzstan E Visa Revealed

    Usually one needs a visa to enter another nation. A visa is expected in advance for a trip to Myanmar and can be gotten from any Myanmar Embassy or Consulate world-wide. The visa is going to be pasted into your passport straight away. People going to the consulate...

    0 by Armando, one year ago
  • Let the ideas mingle

    They say ideas change the world, we live in our tiny little worlds in our sole and fragile bubble. afraid of what might happen next. We're too afraid to step outside to think outside the box instead we hide feelings, words, thoughts, plans and ideas when we could watch...

    0 by More travel,, 4 years ago
  • Campus Grozavesti

    Hello my friends, I want to start writing about Campus Grozavesti where I stayed for months, in Bucharest during my Erasmus Learning Programme. So in case, you will stay there, you might have some nice or scary opinions. But for sure, everything I am writing here is...

    0 by Elif S., 4 years ago

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