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    Parque de la amistad in Surco

    Hello everyone! I hope every one of you is well. In the Surco district, you can find a very interesting place to visit: el Parque de la Amistad (literally the Friendship Park). It was considered the district’s main stronghold. source A great atmosphere to have fun It...

  • Experience

    Explore Milan on your bike

    The best way to explore a new city... ...is, in my view, to go and see it on your bike. If you’re lucky enough to have a bike and you know how to hold on to it, there’s not another second to lose. Go! I had the pleasure of spending a semester of Erasmus in Milan –...

  • Blog

    "Pepe lucho" the pacarana

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well. Today I want to tell you about a curious little animal I met in the Selva Central in Tingo Maria: a pacarana. It's one of the biggest rodents in the world that is famous and loved in the jungle area. This pacarana is called Pepe...

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  • Experience

    Moscow, the Russian Federation by Polina

    What is the student life like in Moscow? There are plenty of events for students in Moscow which take place every month at universities. They are sometimes sponsored by the government: soirées, festivals, concerts, etc… Russian students are very, very proactive; they...

  • Blog

    The Herlany Geyser - East Slovakia is "pure nature" (1/3)

    14th April 2016 It was one of the reasons that made me choose to go to Slovakia for Erasmus: nature. With nine national parks for a small area (49,036km²), there's no shortage of preserved natural areas. With 40% forests and 80% mountainous lands, despite being land...

  • Blog

    Life and Journeys

    Like I've written before, life is a journey that we make where we come across people who accompany us and places that we love. But there are also problems, delays and detours. We have to go along learning from everything that happens to us, but also always try to enjoy...

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  • Experience

    My Erasmus Experience in Salerno

    And so arrives the hardest moment of Erasmus. People have barely spoken to us about it, but you have to experience it to know what it feels like now that you're home, in your city, with your family and friends, and you leave behind everything that has happened these...

  • Experience

    Africa in Romania

    Hi everyone! I am a Cameroonian student who is studying in Romania, and I can tell you that my experience since arriving here hasn't always been the most pleasant. For example, as soon as I stepped off the plane, there was already a police officer waiting for me, having...

  • Blog

    Granada: A Hidden Gem

    My last trip on my Erasmus year was to Granada. I decided to write about it because I think it’s one of the most underrated cities in Spain. Granada has an amazing fusion of cultures and religions thanks to its great history. Once a stronghold for the Moorish Empire,...

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