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Green Vilnius Hotel

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My 'dormitory'!

Published by flag-gr Rachel Kl — 4 years ago

Later that night I arrived in Pilaites street in front of Green Hotel. But first let's review how I ended up there,

Green Vilnius Hotel is an actual hotel situated just 7' by feet from International School of Law and Business (ISLB). So, when I got accepted by ISLB, first question to my coordinator there was where I was going to live. ISLB had no dormitories back then, so they would recommend students 3 options: either stay in Green Hotel, or Corner Hotel (I will talk about it in my next thread), or rent a flat.

Since I was a bit lazy and really tired of looking for flats (had changed two flats in 2, 5 year in my country), I would choose one of the easy options.

I ended up choosing Green Vilnius Hotel, because it was more close to school, so I could attend regularly in classes. The huge con about it, was that it was actually far from the city centre (around 20' by bus).


Anyways! Green Hotel. Prices were a bit high for Lithuania. I paid something like 220€ per month for a double room all expenses included. It has 9 floors, last two are especially for Erasmus students. The rooms are colorful and pretty, but a bit small for two people. My roomate, Elif from Turkey, was shocked on how small the room was when I first came. But after a while, we managed to live together just fine, we were adapted to the size of it and organize the space as well as we could. Room fridge was small for two people. In addition, we had our room cleaned twice a month, with fresh washed towels, but sometimes, cleaners didn't really operate according to the schedule, so it was a problem for us. Heating was very good. We also had hot water running anytime.

Outside of my room now: In each of these two floors, there is a kitchen room. Kitchen room was quite small for soo many people (14 rooms), they would clean it every morning but just superficially plus there was not an oven. Bad. There was also a laudry room only in my floor, sometimes not enough. In addition, I was living next to the kitchen, which was both a good and bad thing. Since walls were so thin, I would listen everything in my room and sometimes it was impossible to sleep. But fortunately, my mates were understanding. =) Furthermore, there are two balconies -smoking areas- because we were not allowed to smoke inside the building (some friends paid fines because of breaking that rule =p ). In addition, Wi- Fi connection was available in each floor, but we often had problems connecting and especially when we wanted to skype with our families.

Concerning, parties and funny moments, Green Hotel administration was not strict. We had a lot of parties in the corridors, in rooms, we had guests in our rooms for days but no one from the administation said a thing.

What is more, the hotel offered a huge breakfast in a low price.

Also, staff would speak English and some of them, were very helpful, whereas some were very rude.

In general, my life there was nice. I got to adapt to all disadvantages, plus I had the chance to meet all those beautiful people and in the end, that was the thing that matter more to me. =)

ps. a picture with my roomate in our room '805' =)


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