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  • Corner Hotel

    Few days back, I gave a promise to write about this place because I know it is a very famous 'dormitory' among Erasmus students in Vilnius. Source First of all, I have to confess that I didn't live there. This review depends completely on my experience. I used to go...

    0 by Rachel, in Where to sleep Vilnius, 9 years ago
  • Green Vilnius Hotel

    Later that night I arrived in Pilaites street in front of Green Hotel. But first let's review how I ended up there, Green Vilnius Hotel is an actual hotel situated just 7' by feet from International School of Law and Business (ISLB). So, when I got accepted by ISLB,...

    0 by Rachel, in Where to sleep Vilnius, 9 years ago
  • Pogo Hostel

    Though it could be true what Aimee wrote about Pogo hostel last year, now the situation has really improved a lot! Hard-working housemaids are keeping the place really tidy, receptionists are willing to help you as much as they can, and in case you move to a...

    0 by Raminta, in Where to sleep Vilnius, 10 years ago

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