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The tower of st. John church

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Panoramic view of old town Vilnius

Published by flag-lt Virginija Balciunaite — 6 years ago

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Vilnius and see the magnificant old town from a panoramic view is the tower of st. John church.

Panorama Starego Miasta w Wilnie

The church is situated in the heart of our old town, which is proudly listed in UNESCO as world heritage. The old town is worth visiting itself, but in order to see its glory one must see it from above. As only from a bird sight a human being can image how spectacular it is. As the dominant color is dark red and comparingly the panorama is not destroyed by new huge buildings. We can still fell the old spirit and feel the rasons why the old town is in world heritage.

Panorama Starego Miasta w Wilnie

Talking about the tour itself, it is important as the church with the tower were built by the Jesuits who were fighting with the reformats. As the main way of the fight was using education. So the jesuists came to Lithuania and established the church alongside with the university, whose main buildings we can find nex to the church.

Panorama Starego Miasta w Wilnie

Moreover, it is worth going to the tower as it is a challenge to climb all of those tricky stairs, but the view upstairs definitely pays back!

Panorama Starego Miasta w Wilnie

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