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Vasaros Terasa

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The place!

Published by flag-it Roberta D'Agostino — 6 years ago

If you are in Vilnius on springtime/summer, you must go to Vasaros Terasa: a beautiful open place where you can drink a beer and more, listen to live concert - talented local groups - and dance all night every night. Yes! Every night because it is open everyday and present different events in order to make everyone glad to be there.


This place is a perfect meeting point between different cultures. In fact, it is the place where you can notice small, but amazing, differences between you, yourself, your attitude and the natives that move in their own way.

What else? The atmosphere will conquer you and you would never leave it!

You don't believe me? Then you have to go!

Viso gero (lithuanian way to say good bye);)


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