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Erasmus blog Valladolid

  • Where to go out for dinner in Valladolid II

    Let's continue with the restaurants in Valladolid, going up in quality and in price. Niza The restaurant Nizza is one that I liked the most in Valladolid. It might not be the most luxurious, and by no means do they make the most original food, but it is a restaurant...

    0 by Chloe, 4 years ago
  • Living in Valladolid

    How is it living in Valladolid? Would you reccommend it? What is it like? For me, Valladolid is "the city". I think that it is a city that has everything and it also has many other advantages. For example, it is geographically well situated, being halfway between the...

    0 by Evie, 5 years ago
  • Having a beer in Valladolid. Best bars I

    Valladolid is a city that can boast about having good bars, and if we are talking about having a beer in the evening after university lessons or work, there are some worthy ones that I'm convinced you will like. In this post I will describe some of the bars of the city...

    0 by Isabel, 6 years ago
  • Valladolid #2. Let's take a walk...

    Let's carry on exploring Valladolid! The Plaza Mayor isn't the only thing to see. One of my most favourite places in the city, particularly at night or failing that on a spring afternoon, is Plaza Zorrilla. It's one of those places where taking a typical souvenir photo...

    0 by Helen, 7 years ago
  • Valladolid I

    Let's talk about Valladolid To start this new travel blog, I could talk about anywhere, but I think I should start by talking about the city that I know the most and feel most comfortable with, where I've been living for a few years (except my erasmus stay) and in which...

    0 by Amy, 7 years ago
  • Valladolid and the endless fog

    The very first city I visited since officially living in Salamanca was Valladolid, sometime in mid-November. The truth is that besides the fact that it’s the capital of the region of Castilla y León and has a big mall, I wasn’t told any other reason to check out...

    0 by Petra, 7 years ago
  • Preparations ~ two weeks before leaving

    After having registered on the website of my new school in Valladolid and after having filled in a few documents concerning the erasmus project, all I had to think about was what to put in my suitcase. I didn't puzzle my head off about it. I just took some clothes and a...

    0 by Elise, 12 years ago
  • Erasmus emprendedores


    0 by Juan, 12 years ago
  • Interview to Iuliana, an Erasmus student in Weimar

    Iuliana is taking the most of her time as an exchange student in Weimar (Germany), where she joined the Media and Design program at Bauhaus University. Let’s see how she feels about being there… Weimar is well known for its cultural richness and bohemian...

    0 by Erasmoos, 12 years ago
  • Interview to Manuel Lopez : degree student in Tornio (Finland)

    Manuel E. Lopez is a Mexican student, who decided to take his University degree in Finland, something challenging and fruitful both personally and professionally. He states that of course his adaptation process was hard at the beginning, but after some time he seems to...

    0 by Erasmoos, 12 years ago
  • Interview to Bianca Vignola : Erasmus student in Sevilla

    Bianca is an Italian girl who enjoys her Erasmus in Sevilla, besides she has a special interest on Erasmus programs as she is currently carrying out her final thesis researching in the field of students mobility related to anthropology. 1. When did you decide to do an...

    2 by Erasmoos, 12 years ago

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